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Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu PF party has announced that it has set up a special committee to monitor members' behaviour across provinces and brief President Mugabe every week as it moves to contain serious factional fighting.

National Chairman Simon Khaya Moyo told a meeting attended by members of the Matabeleland provincial co-ordinating committee and Cabinet ministers that the move was meant to weed out vote-buying and indiscipline within its ranks ahead of the December elective congress.

"My committee will brief the President on a weekly basis. We will not accept being destroyed by undisciplined people. No! Let's work together as one family so that when we go to congress we are one and not pieces."

"Zanu-PF is not a shopping mall and people are not commodities. Be careful. The party is organised on the basis of rules and regulations and we can't build a party ngokuwumana (day-dreaming). We can't have people, after building the party and the nation, someone comes with his money to destroy what our founding fathers fought for.

"The party has no money, people are hungry and we don't know where you get that money from. You don't care that people are suffering, but care about yourself. If your money is a problem take it to the party and stop waking up people at night. We won't allow that anymore."

"On Wednesday (today) I will be meeting provincial chairpersons from all provinces as well as Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs to look at resettlement issues across the country," he said.

90-year-old president Mugabe is thought to be losing control of his party which has been rocked by fierce infighting as two factions led by Vice President Joice Mujuru and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa battle to position themselves to take over the presidency should Mugabe step down or die.

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