President Robert Mugabe has said social misfits, like imprisoned RGM End Time Message leader Martin Gumbura, should be 'castrated' because they have made the living environment unsafe for women and children.

Mugabe said this in his key note address at the official opening of the National Annual Chiefs Meeting held at the Zanu-PF Conference Centre in Gweru yesterday.

Gumbura, who is serving a 40-year-prison term, was found guilty on multiple charges of rape and possession of pornographic materials by the Harare courts.

Mugabe, who was lamenting the general social degradation within society, said Gumbura has 'no respect' for human dignity and remorse even after doing wrong, as portrayed by his behaviour even behind bars.

"If I will tell you the shocking news we receive every Monday with (Local Government minister Ignatius) Chombo, you won't believe it. We hear of men raping their daughters, people committing bestiality, relatives involved in incestuous relationships. There are so much social ills, even in church (sic)," Mugabe said.

"We have heard of the likes of Gumbura, such people who have no respect for human dignity are not supposed to be in our society."

Mugabe expressed shock at reports that the incarcerated Gumbura was asking for his wives to be availed to him in his cell, and called the minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Emmerson Mnangagwa to 'castrate' such elements.

"It's so shocking, the 30 minutes he was in prison and he was already peeping outside the cell window asking people how they (are) doing. How can that be (sic)?," Mugabe said.

"Within a week, he was already asking for his wives to be brought in for him so that he can enjoy himself? What character of a nation have you become? We want such kind of characters who have become a danger to our women and children to be bhadhuzad (castrated) and we call on the Justice minister to make sure that is done," he said.

Mugabe said people who clamour for gays' marriages should go ahead and let them get married with consequences.

"If after nine months there is no baby, we will castrate the gay couple," he said, much to the applause of the delegates.



+1#jonso2014-09-12 11:00
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0#Mphilo2014-09-12 11:00
Gumbura unogumbura sua +kutaurisa sezvinonzindiwe wega atanga kusungiwa hona manje zimene ravakubvisiwa nekuda kutaurisa kwako chete,zvimwe waizobudawo nenguva ukararama hupenyu hwako zvakare
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0#Tendai2014-09-12 11:01
Pasi naGumbura nemashavi ake. Ngaadamburwe hurume ihwohwo
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0#evangelist2014-09-12 11:20
bhadhuzad kkkkkkkk
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Hacha Ndizvo
0#Hacha Ndizvo2014-09-12 11:21
Kikikikiiiiiiii iiii. Yoweeeee mudhara andikuvadza nesetswa - Bhadhuzad aaayaah
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+1#bie2014-09-12 13:06
whilst it is true society must be cleaned of such elements,lets hear about robust plans to rescitate the economy,create jobs,these are the really issues our authorities should be spending time on,people are hungry,poor,dej ected and desperate for jobs,and the little that are left are shrinking daily
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0#svosvai2014-09-12 16:25
vagumbura munogumbura munoshoresa machechi
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0#bvumavaranda2014-09-12 18:30
shuwa gushungo, gumbura ngaachekwe, munhu wepi. gutawo bonde munhurume, 15 makomba unomazadza nei?
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0#Gunguwo2014-09-12 23:02
Taurai mr President zvagumbura zvinogumbura
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0#Gunguwo2014-09-12 23:02
Taurai mr President zvagumbura zvinogumbura
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0#Kandemiiri2014-09-14 07:19
Msadzokere shure Gushungu marapists anyanya
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