A headmaster at Gumbalo Primary School in Filabusi has been left with possible permanent injuries after a drunk female teacher dragged him by his genitals until he fainted.

The head, Godine Mahwazi, had confronted Joyce Mthunzi for being drunk on the opening day of school on Tuesday.

Sources at the school said Mahwazi was very angry and shouted at Mthunzi in front of pupils before ordering her to his office.

"Mahwazi lost it as he screamed at Mthunzi in his office as we could hear him from the classrooms. A few minutes later, we heard a different kind of scream as he begged for mercy. He let out one more chilling shriek before there was silence from the office," said a source.

They said the silence was ominous and it brought most of the teachers running to the office.

"I will never forget what we saw, Mthunzi was dragging the heads limp body by the privates. We thought he was dead and only the intervention of the deputy head convinced her to let go," the source said.

The headmaster was reportedly treated at Filabusi Hospital and discharged.

He is, however, limping heavily and complaining of severe stomach pains.

He told colleagues he could hardly pass urine.

Contacted for comment, Matabeleland South provincial education director Tumisang Thabela said her office was still to receive a report about the incident.



0#bongri2014-09-14 00:45
arrest her men's lyf iz on the testicles
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+1#BLOODSUCKERS2014-09-14 04:43
Ndiwo madofo enyu emateacher ma zimsec graduate amurikuti adzidzise vana? hama we vana havana zvavachadzidza muzvikoro yet zim sec is churning thousands of so called brilliant pupils? bring back cambridge pliz before the entire education system crumbles. ikozvino we hear of students vachiita ma 30points at A level gentlemen lets be serious hakusi kuti kugona kwevana asi kuti ma standards ezimsec arilow. finally umwe anogona kuda kundi attaka comment yangu but let me finish by saying i am a university graduate from the real university in zimbabwe UZ. zimsec chero mai vane 55years vanonyora maths voita A, i know of one such woman.
Pliz cambridge ngaidzoke ireplace zimsec countrywide.
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0#Boko2014-09-14 06:42
Kwasara Dokora anotoda kudzugwa [censored] zviparare
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0#gushungo2014-09-14 07:59
iwe BLOODSUCKERS unoda kureva kuti muno munyika hamuna vanhu vane brain here or intelligence ooh shame your thinking is very wrong buuu shit
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+5#MIND!2014-09-14 09:56
Women should adopt this defence method against rapists. just remain calm until the rapist has his genitals are exposed and then go for the balls and really crash them and definitely you will overpower the rapist
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+2#Solo2014-09-14 17:34
Using critical thinking: how did the lady access the head's privates? The story says that the head "was very angry" does it mean that his privates were also angry? This story would be complete when we hear the other side.
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0#maitahenyu2014-09-15 11:06
My brilliant Grade 7 teacher used to drink during lunch and you could see he is a bit tipsy but hey his class did wonders at this rural school. There were only 2 who failed a brother and sister who were repeating Grade 7 for the 4th time.
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+1#zindoga2014-09-15 13:55
izvi hazvinei nezimsec izvi, thats a good defence mechanism lady so ho ahead and tell others
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