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President Robert Mugabe has come under serious fire over his appointment of Cain Mathema as a minister of war veterans as they described him as a Dzakutsaku who deserted the struggle after he left Zipra to join the James Chikerema led Froliz which they believe was lenient to the colonial rule.

President Mugabe reshuffled cabinet last week where Mathema was one of the new appointees.

Ex Zipra cadre Max Mkandla said Mathema does not either belong to Zipra or Zanla and this will make it difficult for him to under stand the problems faced by both camps. He said former Minister Tshinga Dube was the best for the position and wondered why Mugabe preferred a sell out than a proper liberation fight to led the ministry.

"Mathema deserted Zipra and went to Froliz, what will he transform in war veterans ministry. He is not the right person, he does not deserve the post. Its a pit this is a sign that Mugabe does not respect war veterans," Mkandla said.

"How can a staunch supporter of Dynamos be appointed to lead Highlanders FC, it does not make any sense."

He said it is the same as having given the post to Peter Halls a commander of the colonial regime.

"What was wrong with Tshinga that we did not see and was only seen by Mugabe? he asked.

Source: Byo24

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