Vice-President Mujuru says she is confused and unsatisfied with explanations regarding the cause of a fire that razed two houses at her farm in Ruwa last Thursday.

In an interview, VP Mujuru said reports she has received were far from convincing, though police have ruled out foul play.

A nine-roomed thatched house, a round hut and a fowl run at Tarisa Farm were destroyed in the inferno that engulfed a section of the homestead.

VP Mujuru's stepson, Tendayi, who lives at the farm, later explained that the fire started when he tried to burn a snake.

The incident has spawned conspiracy theories, with some suggesting internal fights in Zanu-PF could have triggered arson.

On Friday, VP Mujuru said: "The Ruwa incident . . . that one is a confusing state of affairs because when I got there, the two houses had already been razed to the ground. I tried to find out from the young man who stays there. The story was not very convincing, so I thought to myself (to) leave everything to God."

The incident occurred four years after her husband, General (Retired) Solomon Mujuru, was killed in a fire at his farm in Beatrice. After Gen Mujuru's death, the family requested an inquest.

Harare regional magistrate Walter Chikwanha ruled there was no foul play and said the national hero died of asphyxiation.

In response, the family lawyer, Mr Thador Kewada, unsuccessfully pushed for an independent pathologist to exhume the body for further investigation.



0#rmunemo2014-09-15 09:14
ipurazi rechinganiko remhuri iyi ? is one man one farm policy in existance in zimbabwe ?
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Goodlife Lynus
0#Goodlife Lynus2014-09-15 10:02
Its not a farm, its just a plot they purchased with their own money, they were not given by Gvt.
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0#maitahenyu2014-09-15 10:47
Mai Mujuru I sympathise with you. Turning to God is a good thing. Going to Church and turning to God are 2 different actions. Believing in Jesus Christ with all you heart will lead to salvation. Now question, Mai Mujuru, your heart? How much blood has been shed in the country whilst you kept quiet? God was watching. How many women were raped by your youths whilst you were silent? God was watching. How much human rights have been abused whilst you kept silent? God has been watching, many became homeless and these are protected by God because he hears their cry. Many are orphans because of your party . You cried when that Bennet woman showed her scars from your youths but you voted for her husband to be incarcerated for pushing the dimwit Chinamasa who had insulted him and his entire family tree. Now you want the same God to guard over you, oh get yourself to confess that Jesus Christ died for all of us and with all your heart, you will receive his grace and sins will be forgiven.
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0#ike2014-09-15 11:24
Accidents do happen
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0#Mphilo2014-09-15 14:13
Its only jst e bigning of it,give yoursefl to Jaa your life is at risk with the evil1
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0#Prince2014-09-15 14:54
Watch your back madam. Those are just but warning shots, you know wat i mean big girl.
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