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Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga has expressed shock at the way Zimbabweans tend to downplay the role played by freedom fighters during the liberation war. He said many families were still trying to trace the whereabouts of their family members who participated in the struggle.

Gen Chiwenga said the blood shed during the war should spur Zimbabweans to continue defending the country’s independence as an honour to the sacrifice made by freedom fighters who took up arms to defeat oppression by the colonialists. Addressing villagers in Gezani, Chiredzi South on Tuesday, Gen Chiwenga said the degree of suffering endured during the war of liberation was a clear testimony that the colonialists had no heart. He said it was unfortunate that some people were now downplaying the role played by freedom fighters just because they were enjoying the fruits of a hard won independence.

“Blood was shed and there was a lot of suffering, which people succumbed to, said Gen Chiwenga. It wasn’t easy like what most of you assume. You cannot equate this to throwing away water from a dish, this was blood, which are talking about.” Gen Chiwenga warned Zimbabweans to desist from making comments about areas which they had little knowledge about.

“There are many families who are not even aware of the whereabouts of their relatives that we lost during the war, he said. We need to respect them by knowing the kind of words to speak at a given time.” Gen Chiwenga said he was pleased to witness the resumption of normal life in Chiredzi where most people ended up living in camps.

“When we stayed in this area (during the war), there was no food, he said. The only food that was available was meat, which we ate without salt. Such episodes are the reasons, which must give us energy to remember the past. We must speak about the journey we travelled without fear while reflecting on the journey we are about to travel.” Gen Chiwenga said a lot of blood was shed during the war of liberation, hence the need to protect the country’s independence at all cost.

“All this blood wasn’t lost for nothing, there was a reason, which we must continue defending, he said. We made a pact with the fallen heroes that we will never betray the values of the war of liberation.”

Source: Herald

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