Zanu PF youths led by politburo member Edison Chakanyuka and Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena say they have launched a campaign for First Lady Grace Mugabe to land a post in the presidium following her recent political and academic achievements.

Addressing party youths at his belated election victory on Saturday, Wadyajena said Grace would help stabilise the highly factious ruling party and act as personal political advisor to President Robert Mugabe.

Grace's political star rose after she was recently "unanimously" endorsed by the party's women and youth leagues and traditional leaders to lead the women's league.

"Yesterday we woke up to learn that the only amai in Zanu PF, our First Lady, went to school while at the same time she was looking after the president and the family.

"After all the hard work, she is now Dr Mugabe," Wadyajena said in reference to the First Lady's graduation with a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) at the University of Zimbabwe last Friday.

"It was not given, it was acquired quietly without her telling the world. As youths, we say to her the sky is the limit.

"Women, youths and chiefs say to Dr Mugabe, the sky is the limit. If you can rise, nothing can stop you. If women said they want you to lead them, as youth, what can we say? We want her at the top position even in the presidium.

"Amai can tell the president the truth, the days of lying to the president are over."

Chakanyuka, who is the outgoing deputy youth secretary, said Zanu PF youths were not being pushed by anyone in the party to campaign for the First Lady.

The youth leader recently accused Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa of using State machinery to instil fear in party members opposed to his preferred candidates for the presidency.

Mutasa, the party's national secretary for administration, is believed to be campaigning for Vice-President Joice Mujuru to succeed Mugabe.

The Mujuru camp is reportedly engaged in fierce succession fights with a rival faction led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, although both have been publicly harbouring ambitions to unseat Mugabe.

Analysts believe Mugabe was working behind Grace's political rise and wanted her to land the presidency to counter the rival factions and safeguard his legacy and family businesses.

Already, Grace's elevation has caused quirks in the ruling party with some members questioning her political background.



+2#Shungu2014-09-15 10:13
The reputation of the UZ is tarnished. How can one earn a Phd which takes a minimum of 3 years in less than 3 months? Really where are we going? You give yourself farms, companies and now degrees? Anywhere thats what we get when a country is run by comrades - what more can we expect. Cry Blood Zim!!!!!!!
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+1#Prince2014-09-15 11:13
Dhongi ramera nyanga. Presidium, wat about Teurai and Ngwena?
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Hacha Ndizvo
0#Hacha Ndizvo2014-09-15 15:03
The degree of our stupidity and moral decadence is degreed by the degree of people we confer with degrees.
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0#chihera2014-09-15 16:45
UZ haichavimbika
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0#clemz2014-09-16 08:28
Mugabe is manupulating those stupit Youth, Grace doesn't attended that cource, a pride gogo like her all the world ws going to know about it. And if those purpet of Mugabe thinking that Zim is Monach State there are lying, Zanu has Men she never serve for 15 yrs tha t they require so y she must get top position mnxxxxxxx
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0#jonso2014-09-16 14:59
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