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Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s last trump card for political survival and perhaps to even reach his ambition of succeeding President Robert Mugabe, seems to be based on ensuring that his chief nemesis Professor Jonathan Moyo is fired from Zanu PF.

Mnangagwa pins his hopes on Moyo going to jail or being fired from Zanu PF for political survival. He hopes to revive his wanning political fortunes by getting rid of this spin doctor once a close ally who now is making his political life hell on earth.

In this vein Mnangagwa has gone on an all out to prove to Mugabe that Moyo is not only a foreign sponsored spy, but also a corrupt politician who has often spoken ill of the party leader with the intention of destroying Zanu PF from within.

Given the current emerging political dynamics in Zanu PF one would safely argue that an attack on Moyo at this point in time by Mnangagwa is as futile as trying to impregnate a woman who has already missed her monthly period – it is a done deal.

Furthermore, Moyo still in Zanu PF or not Mnangagwa’s fate is fast being sealed, even as he unwittingly, joyfully participates in endorsing and legitimising his own downfall, through what Mugabe and wife cunningly want the world to believe it is a democratic open, transparent process, voila, in which the people get to decide their leaders.

Zanu PF youths have set the ball rolling rallying behind Grace as VP at the next Zanu PF special December congress, the Women’s League will obviously follow suit, not to mention the nauseating bootlickers who will soon fall over each other endorsing “Dr Stop It”.

Mnangagwa is reported to have even gone further to challenge Politburo members to decide who “loves Mugabe better” him or Moyo. Notwithstanding that even as Mnangagwa was painstakingly putting together an 85 page dossier in response to Moyo’s own politburo presentation which accussed the former of capturing key state institutions, Mugabe set in motion reforms which seem to be based on Moyo’s report.

It is demonstrably foolhardy to believe that anything Mnangagwa will say or do now will reverse a whole Cabinet reshuffle that has seen many of his strong allies fall, or even that a pending security sector reform again targeting his allies will be reversed.

Making one wonder why then would Mugabe ridicule his own deputy this way? If indeed the evidence Mnangagwa is bringing forward is to be taken as evidence presented in a democratic platform, in which a fair decision is to be made, why then again a reader would hasten to ask is the process in motion for a December congress meant to seal his fate?

The Politburo charade of a democratic Zanu PF whose developments are leaked for the first time in history to journalists, remains just that a charade. If Mnangagwa is basing his political fortunes on Moyo’s ouster then he must wake up and smell the coffee.

“He presented himself as more loyal to Mugabe and Zanu PF for over 40 years while Moyo was ‘a mafikizolo’ whom he portrayed as a treacherous and divisive CIA agent who has never supported Mugabe and Zanu PF. He said his spy number was 00263, and was in the habit of leaking sensitive state and party secrets to the private media and foreign spies,” a politburo member told journalists of Mnangagwa’s presentation.

Source: ZimEye

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