AT LEAST 98 people have been put under Ebola surveillance checks in Harare after having travelled to the Ebola-hit West African countries over the past few weeks.

Of the 98 people, 84 were coming from Nigeria and 46 of these have already been discharged after testing negative following the 21-day surveillance period under which the disease is expected to manifest.

Council's health director Prosper Chonzi yesterday said the surveillance and quarantine programmes formed the backbone of the country's anti-Ebola drive.

The disease, which spreads through contact with infected body fluids, has wreaked havoc in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Senegal and Liberia where it has claimed over 2 600 lives.

"If one is coming from West Africa they are screened first at the ports of entry and if they do not have any signs and symptoms we do not put them under quarantine, but we put them under surveillance for 21 days," Chonzi said.

"Port health officials assess the people and then those who have been to the affected countries fill in forms which are then sent to us, so that we follow them up. We check on them every day and tell them to go about their business, but ask them not to move around unnecessarily so that in the event they are affected, it will be easy to trace them."

Chonzi said after expiry of 21-day gestation period for the Ebola virus, the monitored patients will be certified as free of the disease.



0#mutirowafanza2014-09-23 11:10
Mwari pindirai nekuti muZimbabwe tinopera.
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0#Bruno2014-09-23 13:12
Zvavekutoda mwari musiki, chokwadi tinopera
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+1#Mhofu2014-09-24 13:05
How does the survaillence help coz one myt not show the signs and symptoms @ the tym of examining but has the virus so, the moment u let them go (home etc), thy would spread it there. I would suggest quarantine for all that r coming from those countries hit by ebola.
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0#zinzile2014-09-24 17:32
Why not ban Zimbabweans from travelling to west Africa and lift ban only when the disease is under control.

yes, surveillance is being done, but should one test positive, how ready are we in facing the challenge?
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0#chiro2014-09-24 23:08
for starters what business is t yamunoita kuwest africa mazimbabwens surely u guys u knw hw to fuck us up
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