Disaster-foretelling Prophet TB Joshua faces arrested over deaths of 115 people Prophet TB Joshua is mysteriously quiet about the tragedy at his church but he may yet find himself in court.

Angry Nigerians are setting wheels in motion to get the preacher arrested and charged with culpable homicide. The man of god may find himself face to face with the law.

"Charge Joshua!" is the growing call in Nigeria, while some organisations are already angrily accusing the
government of dragging its feet with the investigations because of its close relations with the preacher.

Lagos-based lawyer Samuel Ilori of Vote for Service Initiative, which advocates good governance and human rights, is threatening to take Prophet TB Joshua to court.

Ilori told a local Nigerian newspaper yesterday that Joshua broke the law by adding extra floors to the building.

He said Joshua knew the foundation could not deal with the additional floors but went ahead with the construction anyway.

"It's criminal negligence. He should be charged with culpable homicide," Ilori said.

His call was echoed by an insurance expert who told This Day newspaper that if Prophet TB Joshua had not insured the building, he must be charged.

The expert, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said no insurance company has come forward claiming to be the insurer, which means Prophet TB Joshua had broken the law.

According to the country's Insurance Act of 2003, it is in violation of the Occupiers Liability Insurance not to insure a public building.

Occupiers' liability covers the legal liabilities of an owner or occupier of any premises regarding injury to people in the building.

It also covers third parties as well in the case of a building collapsing because of a fire, earthquake, storm or flood.

"The collapsed guesthouse is a public building and if it was not insured accordingly, the owner, Prophet TB Joshua, is culpable," he said.

"The government should prosecute him." He said the penalty for such non-compliance is about R7 000.

Efforts by Daily Sun to get confirmation from the church were unsuccessful yesterday.

A secretary who answered the phone on a number given in one of the press statements released advised us to send an email. She could not say when we would get a response.

The call for Joshua to be prosecuted comes amid reports that journalists had been bribed to report favourably about the church.

Nigerian journalist Nicholas Ibekwee claimed that Joshua offered reporters about R3,000 each.

President Goodluck Jonathan is reported to be one of the pastor's followers.

There are also reports that the government is reluctant to take action because it is scared of alienating his followers and elections are only months away.

The government was still tight-lipped yesterday about the scope of its investigations into the collapse which killed 115 people, including 84 South Africans.

Lagos state governor's spokesman, Hakeem Bello, said the government in Abuja had convened a committee of state and federal agencies to investigate.



0#Naome2014-09-26 11:30
Goodluck is a very wise president.Jesus is the only answer.A man with the hat.
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+2#chokwadi2014-09-26 11:49
Shane. Religion is the most powerful drug. I used to blame those who kill in the name of their God. Christianity has been reduced to that where man will defend and vow to support deaths due to negligence. Please don't involve Jesus, its simple principle, you can't add more storeys without reinforcing the foundation. To show you kuti Jesus gave you the wisdom to know such simple things, the building fell. God does not contradict himself. If you think you are very spiritual trying jumping up and see if you stay in the air. Its principle the law of gravity will bring you down. Try adding more storeys without reinforcing the foundation. Its principle the foundation will be stressed and give in. Don't pretend like Jesus gave the go ahead for the extension, and now you all want to say, leave it to Jesus.
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0#Solo2014-09-26 11:57
Can the same be done to this pastor who is inserting petrol into wombs of our sisters. People are complaining about cervical cancer, taking petrol is not a solution spiritually and biologically.

It is wrong to expose people to a hazard willingly.
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0#Tongombeya2014-09-26 13:27
:zzz 8) :-x
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+1#ike2014-09-26 13:33
Tbs and kandiwas shouldn't claim to raise the dead, they should go to Liberia to pray for the living ebola victims.
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+1#Jesus2014-09-26 15:05
TB Joshua i dnt know him, he is a prophet of Baal not of God. Same goes with Makhandiwa, Angel, Magaya. The devil has sent them to confuse my pple. But those who read the bible shall understand that in Matthew24:11 i said false phophets will rise to decieve many and emphasised it in verse 24 of the same chapter. If u love me keep my commandments and follow not false doctrine.
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