A MAN from Victoria Falls has claimed a former touring company boat captain sodomised him for 19 years and infected him with HIV.

Bruce Kazembe, 31, claims former United Touring Company (UTC) boat captain Masiye Moyo, believed to be in his late 50s, allegedly started sodomising him when he was 11 years old at his parents' house.

Moyo, who is now staying in his rural area in Gwampa, Lupane since May this year when he fell sick, was a tenant at Kazembe's parents' house in Chinotimba until he later moved out to a company house.

Neighbours said the two were a "known couple" in the resort town as Moyo's wife, identified only as MaSibanda, lived in the rural areas and rarely visited.

Moyo is alleged to have also abused a number of young boys in Victoria Falls and reportedly paid off one of them after he threatened to sue. Kazembe said as a young boy he did not know the implications of his alleged attacker's actions as he would pamper him with money and gifts. He added that he was now holding on to Kazembe's house as compensation for his shattered life.

"He was renting at our house and every morning when he left for work he would give me snacks served to tourists. Then he started inviting me to sleep in his bedroom and on one of the days he asked ukufaka unyawo lwakhe emuva kwami/kuisa gumbo rakekumashure kwangu (penetrate). I didn't understand the whole thing," said Kazembe.

He claimed that he later consented to the relationship and they lived as husband and wife with Moyo spoiling him with money and gifts.
Kazembe said their relationship broke down last year when he told him he was no longer interested but Moyo allegedly pestered him wanting to continue sodomising him.

"When I finished my Form Four he started renting a house for me and he would do everything for me. We started staying together until last year when I told him I was no longer interested. We broke up because I discovered I was sick and I told him he was responsible. That is when he offered me this house so that I would not report the issue. He said his wife had no say over the house as she lives in the rural areas," said Kazembe.

He said his family had threatened to disown him if he dares return home, adding, "I am here because of the situation."

"I cannot go back home now because my life is shattered and I cannot marry anyone. No one will take this house because it is my only compensation. He would bring his salary and we bought the property in the house together and he even gave me part of his retrenchment package. Some of his relatives have come here to throw me out of the house but I cannot leave after 19 years of abuse," added Kazembe.

In a telephone interview from St Luke's Hospital where he had gone for treatment yesterday, Moyo, who was with his wife, denied ever sodomising Kazembe.

He said he was shocked by the allegations.

"I stayed with that boy for a long time as my nephew since the time I rented at his parents' place and when I got a house he asked to come and stay with me. It pains me a lot because I thought I was only helping out. I would leave him in the house as my nephew and do anything for him until recently when I heard that they fought with my niece over the issue," said Moyo.

Moyo claimed he regrets staying with Kazembe adding that some people once advised him against taking him into his house because of his alleged gay tendencies.

"I had no intention of doing such a thing and I would bring everyone food since I regarded them as family. It is not true that I offered him that house but I just told him to stay there as my nephew and maybe this is a plan to dupe me of my house."

No report has been made to the police although some of Moyo's relatives reportedly notified the police and were advised to wait for him to recover.

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