INFORMATION Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo and his cabinet counterpart Saviour Kasukuwere will hit Hurungwe East legislator, Themba Mliswa, and Newsday newspaper with lawsuits totalling US$80 million for defamation.

This follows attacks on them by Mliswa who claimed that they are "gay gangsters". Mliswa added that Moyo was a "US CIA spy".

Jonathan Samkange of Samkange and Ventures said he has been instructed to act on behalf of Moyo and the Minister of Environment, Water and Climate, Kasukuwere, and file defamation charges against Mliswa and the Newsday, a daily publication of the Alpha Media Holdings.

According to Samkange, both ministers have filed separate lawsuits against Mliswa and the Newsday to the tune of US$20 million.

Moyo will demand $20 million from Mliswa and a similar amount from Newsday; ditto Kasukuwere.

"I shall be filing soon on behalf of the two ministers who feel that their rights and image in society has been denigrated by the series of articles that came out quoting Cde Mliswa. The articles were false, defamatory and malicious in the sense that the two are not 'gay' and the President could not have possibly appointed them if they were gay," said Samukange.

"Don't forget the President regards gays as worse than dogs and pigs. To suggest that these two Cabinet ministers who are also members of the Politburo and Central Committee are gay is seriously insulting and intended to humiliate the two."

The articles come as Zanu PF, the party they both belong to, is involved in factional fights over who should take over from President Robert Mugabe when he retires. Zanu PF is preparing to hold an elective congress in December where a fresh leadership is set to be elected although Mugabe is likely to go unchallenged.

The lawsuits come after Mliswa was quoted in the Newsday in three different articles denigrating the cabinet ministers.

Kasukuwere and Moyo have taken issue with a September 29 Newsday article headlined 'Jonathan Moyo is CIA,' and another one on 30 September headlined, 'Mliswa Labels Rivals Gay Gangsters.'

The daily also carried another article on 1 October 2014 headlined, 'Mugabe faces gay gangsters.'  

Samkange said all the quoted articles defamed the two cabinet ministers, hence the lawsuits.
Sources say two more publications will be sued for alleged defamation by the same cabinet ministers in the next few days.



+1#Dofo2014-10-02 11:28
Mliswa must know that muromo hauzarirwi nerwizi
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0#Brainbox2014-10-02 12:43
Chokwadi chinorwadza
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#ike2014-10-02 13:03
They're scared of losing their cabinet posts because Bob can't work with people who are worse than dogs and pigs. Thanks Themba for exposing gay gangsters! !
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0#stavros2014-10-02 13:58
muchimbo itirei chingochani. Takabva kare nchizvinzwa izwi munotinyangadza anambwa imi!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#Ayanda2014-10-02 14:06
Handina basa ne any 1 of the parties. Ha zvonetsa kuprova izvi kuti havasi ngochani. Iko kuzoti 80 mirion zvinoshowa kuti havazive value yemari vanoti imari yekuita play with. The irony of it vanotambirisa vashandi vavo tushereni
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0#selele2014-10-02 15:24
Mliswa zvinogona kumuwana.
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0#Prince2014-10-02 15:47
Aita twake ndihombarume.
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simon mutizwa
0#simon mutizwa2014-10-02 17:17
mliswa mind your own business tinokuchema iwe!!!
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0#Gandanga2014-10-02 21:53
Mliswa akataurawo chokwadi chaanoziva. Ngochani dzinozivana nektui iyewo Mliswa wacho ingochani futi.
Rwendo rwuno muchapondana chete
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+1#sandman2014-10-03 07:59
so basically wat the press is trying to say is that the country is being ruled by grandpas and gay gangsters..ndoi nonzi ma1 manje
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0#Brainbox2014-10-03 09:33
Sandman, what happened to the cracking their a**** and bearing twins. I was expecting a salvo from u. kkkkkkkk
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0#sandman2014-10-03 10:19
they cracking the economys ass
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+1#sandman2014-10-03 12:14
we suffering coz instead of these guys doing their work in their office half of them are sleeping grandpas and the rest which are the gay gangsters are busy slipping cock in ass so how can the economy recover from this plague of grandpas and gay gangsters
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0#Brainbox2014-10-03 13:13
kkkkkkkk, yes crack the whip sandman
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