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The sentencing procedure was finally carried out on Tuesday in the case of convicted rapist Sipho Ndlovu, the kwaito star who's popularly known as Brickz.

Brickz who arrived the courtroom in a boisterous mood couldn't believe it when Magistrate John Baloyi slapped him with a 15-year jail term yesterday.

The convicted rapist kept repeating "I am innocent, I am innocent" as the magistrate sentenced him to 15 years behind bars for a crime he doesn't believe he committed. Magistrate John Baloyi on Friday‚ July 7, found the brickz guilty of rape at the Roodepoort Magistrate's Court. The 37-year-old musician was found guilty of raping his then 17-year-old niece at his Ruimsig, Johannesburg, house in 2013.

On the contrary, while he was sitting in the dock on 17 October 2017 to receive his sentence, Ndlovu confidently told reporters that he was innocent and would be appealing the sentence. Nevertheless, Baloyi refused to be lenient on him, saying he had the opportunity to show remorse during proceedings, but he didn't.

"The accused did not take the court into his confidence by choosing not to testify to show this court and the family of the victim that he was remorseful. He has not shown this court that he is willing to repair the damage he has caused. His silence points irresistibly that there is nothing he is willing to do," Baloyi said.

Baloyi detailed a testimony from the victim, saying she was bleeding after the incident as her hymen was broken. Sadly, she was a virgin at the time she was taken advantage of. The magistrate said the victim who was in a lot of pain was threatened by Brickz who said she would be killed if she told anyone.

Brickz also told her to take a bath afterwards. However, unknown to the victim, she had been infected with a sexually transmitted disease. The effect of the incident almost ruined the victim's life as she became suicidal after the ordeal. She carried the burden alone for seven months before confiding in Brickz's wife who took the matter to the authorities.

The victim supposedly gathered morale to reveal the incident as the musician had threatened to kill her if she told his wife.

"She kept the incident to herself for six to seven months. For seven months she didn't realise that she was infected with an STI. If you had HIV, she would have contracted it as well."

The family of the rapist also think the sentence is too much for the crime. A leave to appeal the conviction, as well as the sentence, was rejected by Baloyi who said there was no reasonable prospect of another court coming to a different conclusion on the matter.

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