Mini skirt lovers expose 'fanta thighs' during Harare march, other do 'seunononga' Scores of women dressed in mini skirts and tight fitting clothes on Saturday staged a protest march in Harare against the harassment subjected on women by touts.
For long women and girls who wear mini skirts or dress skimpily have had their clothes torn, been jeered at and have been embarrassed by touts who claim to hold the Zimbabwean culture in high esteem.

Mini skirt lovers expose 'fanta thighs' during Harare march, other do 'seunononga'Although these touts have their own short comings and are known for being loud-mouthed and defecate at bus termini, they have subjected women to horrendous treatment and denied them their right to dress as they please.

The mini skirt march is the first of its kind to be held in the country and the women marched bravely with the protection of the police in protest and to send a strong warning to the touts to desist from hurling vulgar words at women.

Mini skirt lovers expose 'fanta thighs' during Harare march, other do 'seunononga'Some of the mini skirts that were worn by the ladies during the march were too short that they fell short of covering the 'fanta thighs'. They were however long enough not to expose the most private part of their privates!

Other women took advantage of the march and exhibited their 'expertise' in rauchy dancing. Some women would even do 'seunononga', leaving men and hwindis with 'wild anacondas' struggling to maintain peace and order in their trousers.

Mini skirt lovers expose 'fanta thighs' during Harare march, other do 'seunononga'Some dejected brothers who spoke on condition of anonymity said they had been hoping to see the Masalads, the Makedhas, the mazimhamhas-better known as 'dhafu koreras' etc donning skimpy outfits but lo and behold, they did not turn up much to the disappointment of the boys. Only the 'elderly' and some not so attractive ladies (no offence) turned up, some with babies strapped on their backs! Some even had trousers and track bottoms on, thus boggling the mind as to the objective of the march.

Women's rights lobby group Katswe Sistahood director Ms Talent Jumo said women and girls have been suffering for far too long, adding that touts had no right to sexually harass women.

Mini skirt lovers expose 'fanta thighs' during Harare march, other do 'seunononga'She said her organisation will continue sending the message to the touts advising them not to treat women as second class citizens in their own country.

As the women marched they were given thumps up by some while others looked at them in disgust and called them names.

Some said wearing mini skirts is not part of the Zimbabwean culture, with others saying the march would encourage immoral behaviour which would ultimately fuel sexual harassment and abuse.

The march started at Town House and proceeded to the Market Square and Copacabana bus terminus.

Meanwhile, the 'message' that the ladies intended to send across to men, mainly hwindis andMini skirt lovers expose 'fanta thighs' during Harare march, other do 'seunononga' other unemployed city sun busking boys might have fallen on deaf ears as some men could be heard denouncing the girls who were dressed to kill, clad in material-saving skirts, or rather call them mini skirts.

"Trust me they will only wear this sh*t today because if they do it again tomorrow and pass through our rank tomuita kanyama kanyama (we will teach her a lesson). There must be a difference between a prostitute's dressing and a non-prostitute's dress code," fumes a local tout who only identified himself as Kodza.



+1#Solo2014-10-05 08:17
Its modernisation boys! I think the whindi should come to the beaches in South Africa and see tourists and local without any clothes save for "crack covers" only. In one beach the women do sun bathing with almost nothing but the males just tame their animals even though the ladies "disturb peace in male shorts".

That's the future, we have to live with it. Maybe, the Ministry of tourism must create artifical beaches in Kariba. The males would get exposure and learn to tame their "wild dogs". Pfigirai imbwa dzenyu anawhindi.
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0#Brainbox2014-10-06 11:34
Endai kuBots munozvionera zviriko.
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-2#Fatso2014-10-05 08:47
Point to note Harare is not a beach and will never be one,also it hurts to see that police allow meaningless march bt when people want to do meaningful march that can benfit every Zim they dont allow.
Its so sad so so said,tym will tell and God will answer.
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0#zvineinewe2014-12-24 05:59
Tibvire apo imbwa yemunhu you're such an ignorant dog ,how dare you call the women's rights of women meaningless ..ndimi vanu vano rova vakadzi [censored] wemunhu nxaA musadekundishat irisa
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0#chipo2014-10-05 10:51
Voetsek .pasi nevanosimira zvakaipa
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+2#Terrence2014-10-05 11:06
Yes I support them ...Times are changing!!!!
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+3#Lupita2014-10-05 11:06
Munhu ngaapfeke zvaanonzwa kupombombonoka nazvo! Who are we to judge?
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-2#Lindo2014-10-05 11:23
harare haisi beaches and zimbabwe nesouth pane differ zvakanyanya
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-1#tsano2014-10-05 11:44
wat massage are you trying to send you woman.kusakwana chaiko chamunenge muchida kunyatso budisa pachena chiii iam sorry kunemi vakadzi vakaplannar to stage this demo zvine dzidziso yei kuvana venyu wat a shame kusatonyara kupfeka mini mai mutown hanzi western culture is for western not Zimbabweans. zviite mumba mako ufadze murume wako not mu town urikuda kufadza ani kusiya zvidya pachena zvine mavara anenge hanga mumba chaimo uri zero chairo..itai zvinhu zvine dzidziso kuvana vedu u lackin dignity vakadzi.muviri yenyu I temberi yamwari asi mukaita temberi yamwari yekutambira makasa ahhhhhhhh ndaona masungirwa ma mini skirts iwaya muchinzi indecent dressing hooo mirai muone ..kufarisa kunge mbudzi kusimudza muswe kukanganwa kuziva kuti ndo bhurugwa puuuu.. munoshoresa mhani ... nxaaaaaaa
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-1#Tamil2014-10-05 19:53
Pfekai mupinde mutown tikuverengei mumapepa hedu maitwa sh*t
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-1#Twayo2014-10-05 20:40
its like Sodom and Gomorah shame on you people May the Lord Jesus have mercy on u
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-1#mafirakureva2014-10-05 21:15
aaaaa yaaas, vanhu kuchemera kufamba vasina kupfeka.....its pathetic!!!!! to say the least
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0#reason2014-10-06 09:28
The major problem is that their stinking asses will pollute the air, thus the need for longer skirts which will trap the staunch gasses
emitted from their inner flesh.
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0#njanji2014-10-06 09:49
Vanhu ngavapfeke zvavanoda. Mahwindi nxaaa. Enough is enough. Zvese zvevakadzi zviri kuongororwa. Baby shower kitchen party. Itaiwo zvenyu varume. Dzodzisai tudora kutsiga kwaaaaa
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0#Nyondaizo2014-10-06 09:51
Ngavauyeka nhasi vasinaka kupfeka vaone zvatovaita
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0#zvineinewe2014-12-24 06:03
[censored] yako its not our fault kuty haugone kucontroller [censored] yako nxaaa mwana asina kurairwa (ndimi munobhinya vana imi )
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0#Hardliner2014-10-06 10:11
And Tsvangirai cant hold hold a peaceful meaningful demo....Shame
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0#Bruno2014-10-06 10:47
Mahure pfambi mazihure pfeve nzeza kusanyara kufamba musina kupfeka hurehurehurehur ehurehurehurehu rehurehurehureh urehurehurehure hurehurehurehur ehurehurehure
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0#Brainbox2014-10-06 11:39
Misguided efforts by these women. We must preserve women dignity. Why do you cry for indecency, yet there is hunger, unemployment, violation of other rights and a dying economy.
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0#bie2014-10-06 16:29
they should be marching for better life,jobs not this rubbish,its surprising that police protected them,yet on several occasions we have seen people brutally beaten up and illegally arrested for peacefully marching for their political rights
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Crystal Chimombe
0#Crystal Chimombe2014-10-17 07:27
whether munhu apfeka mini kana mugubvuru has no reflection on hunhu hwake. vamwe vakagohura vakapfeka uniform yedanga wani
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Ini Ziiii
0#Ini Ziiii2014-10-17 09:00
maybe escort team yaitospakwawo nezvavaiona
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0#mynameis2014-12-24 07:58
Even if munhu akafamba arimushwi kushama you have no right to lay a finger on them
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