UNIVERSITY of Zimbabwe (UZ) Vice-chancellor Professor Levi Nyagura was outraged and exploded yesterday when asked to explain how President Robert Mugabe's wife, Grace, got her controversial PhD as the academic scandal engulfing the first lady refuses to go away.

"Are you a university? So why do you want to know the details of this particular student's performance? How many students graduated with PhDs?" Nyagura erupted when asked to explain the contentious issue.

After being told there were 13 students who graduated with PhDs, including Grace, he asked: "So why would you want to know results of this particular student only?"

Further told that how Grace got her doctorate was not only interesting to the public but also an important issue of public interest, Nyagura — who chaired the UZ's 15-member academic member committee that awarded Grace the doctorate — became even more agitated, saying: "Why would the public want to know all this? Do they know how universities are run? The public is ignorant of how universities are run and this issue has nothing to do with them anyway."

After the outburst, he fired his parting shot: "I am not going to respond to any of your questions, thank you!"

For the past three weeks authorities at the UZ have avoided answering questions regarding Grace's doctorate degree and when Nyagura was finally available yesterday he refused to shed any light, only radiating more heat around the issue.

The media has failed so far to speak to other UZ leaders and officials, including spokesperson Dennis Rwafa, registrar Sergeant Chevo, officers in charge of student records and acting Dean of the Faculty of Social Studies Tichaendepi Masaya.

Efforts to speak to University Council chairperson Washington Mbizvo and UZ senate officials have also failed.



+1#Stdnt2014-10-06 20:49
Prof taurai coz that info is available to the public thru e-platforms. Mai awa wanonzi wakawedzera zivo kubody of education. All we want is evidence.
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+1#dzoraivhoti2014-10-06 22:28
For u to tell the public which pays for yo salary that we are ignorant of our institution is totally absurd. Let me take ths opportunity Mr Nyagura kuti vamakapa degree vane dzimba kunana Malasya uko kuti kana nguwa yakwana vanomhanyireko ko imi muchamhanyirepi kkkkkkk kana takuzokuvhunzai kuti maizviitirei.
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+2#chokwadi2014-10-07 08:21
Nyagura it is you who is ignorant. You have to account for your actions. You cannot go about issuing degrees to undeserving people then tell us that we are ignorant. By your actions you have affected the credibility of our university's qualifications, then you say we do not know how universities are run. We know one has to study hard to earn a mere degree worse more for a PHD.
I think you need to take responsibility and explain the basis or criterion used to award her that qualification. What we know is she never studied for it and does not even have a masters degree just to give her entry to study a PHD. Nyagura you have insulted us enough. If it is the way you aquired your own qualifications then you should quit because you do not desrve the status you hold.
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+2#Brainbox2014-10-07 13:14
Ngatiregei kuzvinetsa too much apa. PaUZ pave nescheme itsva neinonzi buy your degree and study later, the later is optional
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