A total of 718 people have been put under medical surveillance for 21 days in Zimbabwe.

This was revealed yesterday by the Ministry of Health and Child Care Dr David Parirenyatwa after touring the Harare International Airport Port Health on Ebola preparedness.

A total of 434 came from Nigeria, 37 from Liberia, 46 from Sierra Leone, 124 from DRC, 4 from Guinea and 6 from Senegal.

However, some of these people have since left the country and the figures do not represent the people currently in the country or under medical surveillance in Zimbabwe in real time.

"They have been put under medical surveillance and have not exhibited any Ebola symptoms. Let me reiterate that these are just travellers from the affected countries. They are not Ebola cases or suspects at all as reported in some sections of the media," Minister Parirenyatwa said.

An Ebola preparedness plan has been drafted with the help of partners here present. This plan focuses on the country's needs in the fight against Ebola in Zimbabwe. The plan covers what is needed for preparedness, equipment, personal protective equipment and personnel.

"Screening of travellers is done as they arrive into the country by checking their passports to see if they have travelled from the affected countries. Their temperatures are simultaneously checked by the infrared scanners. All this is done to minimize the risk of any Ebola case coming into Zimbabwe. Those that are found to have been to Ebola affected countries are put under medical surveillance for 21 days," Minister Parirenyatwa said.



0 # selele 2014-10-08 12:38
No free movement for freshly incoming west africans in Zimbabwe.
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0 # Joule 2014-10-08 13:46
They must sty there 4ev
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0 # Fatso 2014-10-08 14:31
Nyasha dzeruchengetedz o ngadzifukidze Zimbabwe
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0 # Solo 2014-10-08 19:59
Are we safe in Zimbabwe?

People are going to West Africa in search of the Holy Spirit and healing. These are free gifts from God that are available anywhere in the world. Kana wanamata Mwari haupindi parwendo rwekunotsvaga kupona nekuti Mwari anenge atonzwa prayer. Please if you are afraid read Psalms 91 and meditate it. Save air fare and don't expose yourself and family to Ebola.
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