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Man simply kills himself after wife saved his phone number as 'imbwa yemunhu' A 27 year old man simply killed himself after discovering that his beloved wife had saved his phone number in her phone book as 'Imbwa yemunhu', an insult term meaning a dog.

Reached for a comment, Police confirmed that the incident  indeed happened last week and shocked residents are still coming to grips with the development.

The man, Moses Guri,  from Village 42 in Inyati, lost his marbles following an altercation with his wife, Stembile Kanye, who is aged 25. Curiosity killed the cat as they say, Moses dialled his number on his wife's phone, only for it to return the entry 'Imbwa yemunhu',  blind with rage he confronted her and the two engaged in a nasty exchange of un-pleasantries and their aunt had to intervene to diffuse the explosive situation.
According to reports, the wife,Kanye, later ingested a concoction of several tablets but  she threw up and is still alive.

Unbeknownst to her Moses was also considering terminating himself and  after the altercation he reportedly went to the garage where he devoured an unknown pesticide. When he was finished he told his wife what he had done, he was then taken to the clinic but the poison had already taken its toll and he passed on his way.

Meanwhile, Manicaland police spokesperson, Inspector Enock Chishiri has expressed dismay over the rise of such cases in Zimbabwe and urged people to to seek professional counselling and not to unnecessarily take their lives over petty issues.

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