A sales executive with a leading mobile phone company is embroiled in a pregnancy wrangle with a suspected prostitute whom he allegedly impregnated after having unprotected sex with her.

Farai Bhila is under fire from his lover, 24-year-old Vimbai Mhike who alleges that he is the one whom she has been having unprotected sex with and therefore the only one who could have impregnated her.

In a WhatsApp conversation between the two, Bhila argues that Vimbai is a prostitute hence she could have been impregnated by another client. He argues that he had only known the alleged thigh vendor for two weeks hence within two weeks he could not have impregnated her. However, he doesn't dispute having unprotected sex with the said prostitute despite knowing her for only 2 weeks.

In another statement, Bhila blames Vimbai for being irresponsible, and accused her of not even asking for money to buy morning after pills after they had unprotected sex.

"Considering your experience, why did allow yourself to get pregnant? Nyoro (unprotected sex) equals chirwere or nhumbu, we both know that, so didn't you ask yourself that after takwirana nyoro (after we had unprotected sex) what is the result?" read another message from Bhila who knew fully well the consequences of having unprotected sex with multiple partners.

Vimbai is however, positive that Bhila is the one who 'ballooned' her tummy since all other guys she was having sex with were using condoms, except the 'man' himself, Mr Farai 'Fatso' Bhila.

"I'm 100% percent sure because you are the only one whom I was having  unprotected sex with," she said.

However, Farai labelled himself a stupid someone in one of the texts: "I don't believe that, So all other men were using condoms EXCEPT STUPID FARAI?" he asked and Vimbai responded saying "Yes".

When reached for comment, Bhila denied ever knowing or having a relationship with a prostitute named Vimbai. He said he meets a lot of people in his line of trade.

"I don't know her. I meet a lot of people in my line of work," he said.

In another message, Vimbai, in reference to Bhila's line of trade said: "So that's your way of doing things right, supplying phones and supplying babies."

Vimbai openly told the news crew that she has been having unprotected sex with Bhila.

"We met at Jongwe Corner during a Killer-T show and from there we have been having sex. He has been coming to my house in Waterfalls from sex and he is the only one I had unprotected sex with," she claimed before reiterating that all other men she was having sex with were using condoms.

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