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A SECURITY guard at a local private firm was forced to cycle into town in his underwear after his superior stripped him of the company uniform for allegedly abandoning his post, an inhuman act which left even police details assigned to investigate the incident shell-shocked.

Bambanani Dube (38) stormed into the news room last night with eye witnesses and police details on tour to narrate his ordeal at the hands of his boss identified as Peter Gonga.

Dube said Gonga drove into the security premises and found him not at his guarding post just before 7pm yesterday when the area had just experienced a brief power outage.

"I was called by my supervisor into the office to investigate why the lights were flicking on and off when the area around the company premises experienced power problems. When I was inside the company office, Gonga, who is the depot superior, arrived and found me not at my post. He hooted. I then came out, but he started hurling insults at me, accusing me of being a useless guard. He asked me to remove my uniform and I complied," Dube narrated.

"I was then forced to leave the company premises wearing just my blue pant. I cycled into town naked. I had no choice, but people were staring at me as I cycled to the Bulawayo Central Police station where I made a report," he said.

Bukhosi Dube, an eyewitness who was driving along Leopold Takawira into town, narrated to this newspaper last night how he was shocked to see Dube cycling naked.

"I caught up with him cycling wearing only his underwear along the Centenary Park. I initially thought he was mentally disturbed, but when I noticed him negotiating the robot intersection at Central Police Station, I noticed that he was normal. I followed him into the charge office and that’s when I heard his story. It is inhuman and unacceptable to have a grown-up man being treated like an animal in independent Zimbabwe," Bukhosi said.

Gonga was not immediately available to comment, but police details indicated they would accompany Bambanani to his company premises to recovery his clothing.

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