First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe says that man from Matabeleland are only good at marrying and making babies instead of developing their areas.

Mugabe who recently graduated with a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe said this amidst cheers from a crowd of about 4000 predominately Ndebele people in Gwanda on Monday. Dr Mugabe took a swipe at the Ndebele men accusing them of marrying a lot of wives and making too many children they end up failing to take care of.

"It is very common here to find a man with 5, 6 or 10 wives, what kind of a bull is that?" she rhetorically asked.

Mugabe's lashing of the Ndebele men was surprisingly met with a huge cheer and clapping of hands from the crowd. Amongst those who cheered were Minister of Sports and Culture Andrew Langa so did ZANU PF national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo and Gwanda Resident Minister Abednico Ncube.

In addition to that, Dr Mugabe also accused men from Matabeleland South for not developing themselves but just interested in going down south to Johannesburg to do menial jobs.

Dr Grace Mugabe also accused the men in the region of being rapists and abusers saying the region provides the highest statistic in terms of rape and women abuse. This is the second time in under 2 years that the first family has attacked the people from Matabeleland for the great trek to South Africa.

President Mugabe attracted huge attacks from the people of Matabeleland when he made the same remarks at the same venue last year. Dr Grace Mugabe also accused the men in the region of being rapists and abusers saying the region provides the highest statistic in terms of rape and women abuse.

Tuesday the First Lady takes her rallies to another of Matabeleland Provinces in Lupane.

Mugabe also castigated senior Zanu-PF officials stampeding for the party's Vice Presidency, warning that their manoeuvres could be an exercise in futility as President Mugabe is empowered by the party's constitution to appoint people of his choice.

Speaking at a rally in Gwanda on the sixth leg of her "Meet the People tour," Amai Mugabe said she was disappointed with leaders who were declaring their interest in the top job through the media.

She said some party members wanted the President to step down, even before his time is up, saying they were driven by "supersonic" ambition.

"Some time ago, I said that God appoints leaders and has his list even if we bother ourselves. You can declare your interest in this or that post, but God has a list of who will replace Mugabe and who will become the next Vice President, not this thing of sending names to newspapers, giving them a hundred names. Don't we know the code of conduct?," said Amai Mugabe.

"Now, I am embarrassed, even here in Matabeleland I am embarrassed also that we send names to the papers saying, 'I want the position'. I hear there are five candidates and we hear them from the papers. Do we conduct party business in newspapers? Please you stop it! Stop it! If you jump too much and run with supersonic speed, you will kill your chances," she said.



0 # selele 2014-10-14 12:00
Izvo ka izvo nhai maNdex? Pindurai Mai Mugabe avo tinzwe zvedu isu. Please don't mention Gukurahundi because she wasn't there lol...
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0 # stavros 2014-10-14 12:06
umm mai ava!
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+2 # Solo 2014-10-14 13:58
Reporters make mistakes and I assume that this story is false or it was published by mistake.

If President Mugabe mocks people, he can be forgiven as he's now very old and his mental faculties could be affected by age. Dr Grace Mugabe isn't uniting people at all. The people clap hands yes but these statements are creating poison in their hearts. Nobody chooses to be poor, nobody wants to be mocked or looked down upon. What is the key result area of these statements?
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+1 # selele 2014-10-14 15:30
Quoting Solo:
Reporters make mistakes and I assume that this story is false or it was published by mistake.

Why "assume" ?? This is reported writing. Kana akadaro iwe waakuda kumurambira ndiwe ani?
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+4 # clemz 2014-10-14 18:39
Uyahlanya lomama I think she is possesed wth stupid dimon
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+1 # Julia 2014-10-15 07:46
I think the so called "first family" has mental disorder .
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The Bishop
+1 # The Bishop 2014-10-15 11:05
She is the agent of the devil, she is total misguided, misinformed. who has seen a man in Matabeleland with 5 wives, don't even mention 10 wives. Why can't he apologize for for killing the bread winners of Ndebele people during Gugurawundi. They left children fatherless or ophans. they raped the Ndebele women. When it was time to give education bursaries, people from Matabeleland were out of picture. In companies Ndebeles were not employed. Where were they going to get the money from to take care of their families. As for many Ndebeles taking many wives unamanga Grace.
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