Sharon Macheso's marriage faces collapse, hubby wants lobola back, spends night in cells

Published on 16 October 2014
Written by Staff Reporter

Sharon Macheso's marriage faces collapse, hubby wants lobola back, spends night in cells Sungura maestro Alick Macheso's daughter, Sharon's marriage to Kuda Munetsi has already hit turbulent times.

This follows an incident on Sunday in which Munetsi is alleged to have assaulted Sharon resulting the musician's daughter filing a police report. This saw Munetsi who reportedly drinks too much like a fish, spending a night in police cells at Chitungwiza police station.

The fiasco comes just two months after the couple tied the knot at Pakare Paye Arts Centre in Norton.

Reports are that Munetsi is threatening to reclaim his lobola money back from Alick Macheso. Further allegations are that the parties have met and have agreed to withdraw the matter from the criminal process and to pursue it through civil means, which might see Sharon filing for a protection order against her new husband.

Sharon first grabbed the headlines in 2011 when she denied being pregnant claiming that she was a "certified virgin" is reportedly set to approach his father's lawyers for legal advice regarding the matter.

Sources said Munetsi who parted with US$6,500 when he married Sharon, has even condemned the 'main' present they were given on the wedding which is the Chitungwiza house that the couple received from Alick Macheso.

Munetsi who was based in South Africa for several years prior to his wedding is said to have registered his discomfort in staying at Alick Macheso's house which he allegedly described as a 'sub-standard' house. Sharon did not take the slur lightly since she grew up at the said house, and a misunderstanding ensued immediately before MUnetsi manhandled Sharon.

"A lot has been happening between the two newly weds, that's all I can say for now. All is not well. The two clashed over the issue of the house. Tension has been growing between them and the guy could not stand it anymore, so he beat the living day lights out of Sharon," said a source.

A comment from the police could not be attained as provincial police spokesperson Memory Pamire's phone went unanswered.

We also could not get a comment from Sharon as her mobile phone was "not available on the Econet network".

All seems not to be well in the Machesos family as Sharon's father also grabbed headlines just before Sharon's wedding after he divorced his second wife Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako. Tafadzwa pulled a shocker when she reportedly told the whole world that Macheso was allegedly failing to satisfy her sexually because he is a beholder of a very small manhood which she is said to have described as a 'kadora'.



+2#Solo2014-10-16 11:53
Love cures all ailments, this is so sad. There are structural difference between a male and a female. Females get excited by hearing good news and they get turned on; males on the other hand get turned on by sight. Women listen very well and they have lots of memory, they can get injured by bad news even to a point of mensurating. A tongue can be very dangerous.

Wiriranai sezvamakaita pakutanga. Don't rush to declaire it a false marriage. Did you allow a third party into your marriage?
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+1#cart2014-10-16 11:54
Too soon. Marriage has become meaningless these days? How can people fail to spend only 2 months in a marriage without incidents? I will think twice before planning to get married.
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Crystal Chimombe
0#Crystal Chimombe2014-10-17 06:41
kkkk zvakaoma
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-1#Trevor2014-10-16 12:05
Azvimbirwa nemwana wevanhu akutaura zvekupenga manje
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Hacha Ndizvo Dr
0#Hacha Ndizvo Dr2014-10-16 13:00
Maybe he was never satisfied in the first place. If Baba has "kadora" what does the daughter have?
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-1#Ayanda2014-10-16 12:24
Mamarriage for show anonetsa
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-1#war2014-10-16 12:45
kwakwakwwa regai tiseke hedu, you thought GOD is asleep by the time you did all this
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0#Takalani2014-10-16 13:18
Zvichamama maPazho gore rino
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John Walker
+2#John Walker2014-10-16 14:04
zvanetsa nekuti zvaitwa nemwana waMacheso,anyon e could have done that...vasiyei vakadaro,imi enyu maRelationship ndoo ari perfect manje!!!nxaaaa
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mbuya chipangamazano
+3#mbuya chipangamazano2014-10-16 14:10
zvowanikwa mumarriage izvi...first days can be vry rough but with tym zvinopera...for some its all rosy ma first days zvozovava mberi bt kune vamwe zvotanga zvichivava zvozoita bho with tym...kusiyana kwevanhu bt if ukasasimba unotoisiya imba iyi
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faith m
-1#faith m2014-10-16 15:25
ngavabude muimba yacho kana zvicinetsa
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+1#maitahenyu2014-10-16 15:48
He can deivorce her but there is definitely no refund in fact he should pay more for damages because now Sharon anenge akunzi aka[censored]or wa. He drinks like fish in water kikiki. Chero vakabuda handifungi kutipachaita imaba apa zvatoramba.
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+1#Fatso2014-10-16 16:19
Ndikati aaah aaaah heeee heeee heeeyi.....toky yyyy
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+1#DENHERERUZIWO2014-10-16 16:32
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0#pombi2014-10-16 16:38
Vakachatiswa na Magaya ari mu ma sandles ne Sleep Wear kikiki
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0#MR TRUE2014-10-16 21:39
Munetsi ngaatikwanire kuchawanikwa mhandara here dis dayz ngaatikwanire mhani
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Crystal Chimombe
0#Crystal Chimombe2014-10-17 06:44
Ko iye aigoti imba iri sub standard akadii kuirojesa akanotenga sabhabha. Nxaaa harina kukwa ungashora zvinhu zvemahara zvaurikutotadza kutenga.
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0#PERFECT ANALYST2014-10-17 10:37
Isu mafans emberikwazvo we just need to pray for Mai na baba Munetsi. Extrabasso did his part like any responsible father to bless his daughters marriage + nemuchato. Lets pray for them during this difficult moment. Ishe ngava pindire vana vagare zvakanaka mudzimba. Mweya yakaipa inotenderera. Not only for this couple but for all young marriages.
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0#Brainbox2014-10-17 11:20
All I can say is the fruit does not fall far away from the tree. Sharon inherited a terrible DNA
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0#mahoshani2014-10-17 12:18
mfana wagutisa manje woda kushaisha kutaura manje tokupa ru6,5 mari rwako tigoona imba yauchandogara dofo
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0#tanto2014-10-17 15:18
mfana munetsi urimbwa wazvinzwa ka, uchiri kurova mkadzi makore anaya. nxaaaaaaa wakasara
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0#BoyConda2014-10-17 17:04
vamacheso ngavarape munhu uyo nhovaaaa
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0#marshal2014-10-18 13:29
Marriage is not a contract its a corvernant,so then why should we pray for it before we go into action. Challenges are obviously in every relationship,th ey should come back and reason together because they are married these people,there are not like bf and gf,..
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