A woman from Bulawayo reportedly came with possibly the word's most bizarre proof to disgrace her former husband who is a police officer when she allegedly filmed him while having sex with his own sister.

The visibly disgraced policeman, Bester Tati, stationed at Entumbane Police Station, after being recorded by his ex-wife, Susan Machiri playing the 'hide my sausage' game with his sister, reportedly sprayed some insect killer on her (ex-wife) as he tried to force her to delete the sex tape before it went viral.

According to reports, Tati, in a bid to to hoodwink his sister into the alleged incestrous  act,reportedly sent her money to come to his place of residence under the pretext that she was coming for holiday.

Apparently after being horrified by her husband's raunchy act with his sister, Machiri reportedly dumped him early last month as she could not share her husband's 'anaconda' with the man's sister.

The matter of the alleged shameful sex act which is being handled at Entumbane Police Station emerged at the Bulawayo Civil Court last Friday where Machiri was seeking a protection order against her ex-husband whom she said was abusing and threatening her with unspecified action.

She said after they broke up, she has been living in fear at the behest of her ex-husband. Machiri had no kind words for the policeman whom she accused of being abusive and very adulterous.

In her application, she said she suspected that she lost her baby during birth because of Tati's violent behaviour as she was always assaulting her when she was still pregnant.

"I was customarily married to Bester for two years. We entered into an unregistered customary union sometime in July 2012 and separated on 5 August 2014. During the subsistence of our marriage, Bester used to beat me up even when I was pregnant. We also separated because of his infidelity. Tati assaulted me and sprayed Baygon on me after I caught him in bed with his sister. The matter (alleged incestrous sex act) is now in the hands of the police.

"After we separated, Tati and some of his family members are calling and threatening me, so I'm now living in fear. I do not want to communicate with him anymore," she said.

In her affidavit and in a bid to apparently invite the court's mercy, she cited the following as Tati's acts of violence:

"He is asking his sisters to call me, ordering me to delete the (sex) video that I took of him while having sex with his sister. He was also beating me when I was pregnant and he was sending money to his sister, asking her to come for holiday so he can sleep with her. Up to now they are still staying together," she said.

In response, Tati denied the allegations saying Machiri was the one who was abusing him.

"We have been married for two years and we were staying in the police camp where her brother is also staying. Whenever she shouts at her her brother would hear her. If I was abusing her why did she not report me to the police? It's not true that I slept with my sister. These are just allegations and they are being investigated at Emntumbane Police Station. She has been insulting me together with her relatives and friends," Tati claimed.

Bulawayo Civil Court magistrate Marylene Mtshina granted a peace order which bars both parties from verbally or physically abusing each other. She also referred both of them to attend counselling sessions for eight weeks.

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