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Zanu-PF Secretary for Women's Affairs Cde Oppah Muchinguri on Thursday said she decided to relinquish her post to the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe after realising that some people no longer respected her authority and the party's constitution.

Cde Muchinguri said this while addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at Chipadze Stadium in Bindura. She said some Zanu-PF leaders had deviated from the mandate given to the women's league when it was formed.

"When we were in Mozambique at Xai Xai, we decided to form the women's league during the liberation struggle as a way of promoting the cause of women. I was there at Xai Xai when the women's league was formed after we noticed the myriad of challenges that women were facing. We wanted to promote the status of women under Zanu-PF. However, what we are seeing now is not what we intended the women's league to be like," said Cde Muchinguri.

"We are seeing people coming with money and dividing them in an attempt to get positions. They no longer respect the constitution and that there are party structures, the national executive, an assembly, a provincial executive or branch executive. It is because of that, that I decided to go to Amai Mugabe so that she comes and leads us."

Cde Muchinguri said Britain and the US had decided to use some people within the party to pursue their regime change agenda.

She said the women's league members decided to approach the First Lady at her Children's Home in Mashonaland Central because the province led in the fight against colonial rule.

"This is the province where the war started, this is the land of Mbuya Nehanda, that is why we came here. I no longer had respect, so I came to seek protection from Amai Mugabe because she is compassionate. She looks after disadvantaged children, widows and other vulnerable groups. She has the qualities to lead women," said Cde Muchinguri.

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