Over forty imbibers of traditional beer from Dombodema under chief Mpini in Plumtree, were a few days ago left ruing they day they decided to go for a beer drink after two soiled napkins were discovered at the bottom of the drum that contained the brew.

The lovers of the wise waters were fuming with fury but the situation was beyond amelioration as over 95% of the traditional alcoholic drink, popularly known as 'umqombothi' had already been consumed. The imbibers took the traditional brewers to task but it was too late as all of them consumed the opaque mixed with human waste.

According to Thandazani Mulenga,  a victim, a considerable number of his drinking colleagues vomited on learning of the disgusting while some chose not to take a look at the contaminated baby underwear which was in the beer 'cooker'.

Another villager Ndodana Malaba, who vowed to take the woman who brewed the beer, to chief Mpini for punishment, said, "I am from the clinic and I was just given tablets and M.M.T liquid, which will never help me as I have developed a running stomach."

According to Gogo Hadebe, the owner of the cocktail in question, she did not know that her daughter in-law became so slapdash, that she erroneously shoved soiled napkins in their traditional brew. "I am sorry bantwa bami , it's a mistake, lingixolele, ngizalibiza masinyane ukuthi ngilinxuse, literally saying she was sorry and that she will brew a free one to compensate the community."
The daughter in law, who is also being accused of spoiling the drinking day, was not kind to reporters, after they sought her comment. "Hamba katshana wena nja (go away you dog), who do you think you are to spoil my name? I did not do this on purpose, but by mistake and you just want to tarnish my name in your paper," fumed the woman who was identified as ma-Mthombeni.

Contacted to comment on the problem, Malaki Mgomeni, who said he was standing in for chief Mpini, said, "We will ask the old lady to compensate the victims by slaughtering a goat and treat the offended victims in less than a month," said Malaki Mgomeni.

Reporters also visited Dombodema clinic, which is a few kilometres from the village, and the medical attendant who was available confirmed treating the villagers, but ruled out serious effects, as a result of the opaque.



+3#budzi2014-10-20 12:02
ndove yemwana inogara mudumbu, no harm in drinking some, iri kudzoka mudumbu mayakabva, haiurayi. imwai makasununguka vazukuru
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Hacha Ndizvo Dr
+1#Hacha Ndizvo Dr2014-10-20 12:55
I have seen people carefully picking out a dead cockroach from a mug of seven days and going on to drink without batting an eyelid. I would rather trust baby poo than a roach
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0#Brainbox2014-10-20 13:39
kkkkkkkkk, seems no harm done, zvidhakwa zvineguru rakapenga will digest anything. Maybe they did not have yeast and so the baby poo was the fermenting agent. Its better than the one who drank a scud with a used condom in it.As for the women who brewed this dirty concoction kuroya chaiko
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0#maitahenyu2014-10-20 13:43
Muroora uyu kuisa napkin mu doro was for lucky hanzi hapana asingade mwana mucheche, aoplogies are just to pacify. Ko akazoonawo mu drum ndiyani, rinocherwa nemuridzi.
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0#sweetie2014-10-20 13:56
Wow I think rainyatsovavira vaiziva zvavaiita kuisa matsvina mudoro
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