JAILED End Time Message church founder Robert Martin Gumbura is not showing any contrition, two months after he was sentenced to 40 years in prison for raping scores of women under his pastoral care.

Instead, the disgraced cleric insists he is a victim of an elaborate scheme by his enemies to have him locked up.

Speaking on a Zimbabwe Television (ZTV) programme, Another Chance, Gumbura insisted that he was framed.
He exonerated the women who testified against him saying they did so under pressure from a "third force" and to save their marriages.

He did not reveal the identity of the alleged "third force".
"With these ones, I will never have hard feelings. I know they are not responsible for what they did in court, they could have been paid; they could have been motivated by other fellow pastors who were fighting me," he said.

"But I will not hate these children, never. I would rather spend 100 years in prison because I am not a rapist."

Gumbura also took a swipe at the media for influencing the courts in his conviction.
"The media judged me wrongly, I wish they could have had a chance to talk to my wives and understand why all these women love me so much yet ndiri kunzi ndiri bhinya.

"The media were busy attacking my wives saying they are from poor backgrounds, so they will never leave Gumbura because he is rich, media is multi-faced it can destroy (individuals)."

He said he does not look down upon women as was alleged in the media since he has 19 daughters and 11 wives.
He added that at any given time he had at least 30 women who all wanted to be around him and still want to be close to him up to now.

Gumbura said he was grateful for the support he is getting from all his wives and the Chikurubi Maximum Prison officials who have allowed him to be in company of his wives during visits. He is allowed to be in the company of five of his wives per visit, once every two weeks.

Gumbura said he is hopeful that he will be out of prison soon.

But prison has come with its own challenges.
"When you are here you work on orders. It doesn’t matter how young the officers are, some of them are even as young as your grandchildren but you have to obey orders, eat what you do not want to eat, sleep when you do not want to sleep," he said.

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