Latest on Harare Journalist who hand-delivered a letter asking Mugabe to step down Prominent Zimbabwean journalist Itai Dzamara has continued leading the "Occupy Africa Unity Square" protest in the capital Harare.

Dzamara who is the editor of The News Leader newspaper was arrested Friday after he called on President Robert Mugabe to step down in a petition that was delivered to the presidential Munhumutapa Offices in Harare.

Africa Unity Square is a few blocks away from Mugabe's offices.

On Tuesday Dzamara wrote "we occupied Africa Unity Square today, yet again forced the state to respond, and, yet again, demonstrated our goodwill by agreeing to negotiate. We are the people! We are the numbers!"

Dzamara said up to 50 people made themselves available and openly grouped with them as they occupied the square, starting from around 9am in the morning. Police deployed almost 70 members in heavy riot gear.

Those gathering at the square say they want a response from President Mugabe, to the demands for him to admit failure, step down and pave way for a process towards finding a new national plan for governance and leadership.

"It was amazing, heart-rending and humbling. One man, Roleen Gandiwa, travelled from Kwekwe early in the morning to be with us. I met and knew him today for the very first time. Another one, Chicco Siziba, travelled from Luis Tritchard in South Africa yesterday, and joined the historic moment. I also met and got to know him for the first time," Dzamara said.

"Indeed, these are true testimonies and the people shall tell their own stories. These and others, genuinely and with enough commitment, embraced the idea and plan. They went the step further to making a representation at the square. Unbelievable, how dreams really become true.

"I no longer call it 'my demands', because, officially, over 100 other Zimbabweans turned up to express their agreement and solidarity with 'our demands'. The police had fears that we would embark on a demonstration or march from the square. Then police decided to clear the square, and, indeed, they chased everyone out. We had a group of about 35 of us who were gathered together at a particular spot and were resolved to resist being chased away," Dzamara added.

The petition to Mugabe encourages him to step down immediately and pave way for a process of engagement involving all national stakeholders, towards the establishment of a new administration that takes over, to manage the country and prepare for fresh elections.

The petition also advised Mr. Mugabe that the protests, dubbed Occupy Africa Unity Square, would start on Monday until the president left office and met other demands such as responding to the petition.

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-1#Chihera2014-10-22 05:51
Uyu arikunzi Chicco Siziba who travelled from South Africa haasiriye here arikurehwa mu scandal ya Tracy Musewu Songeya? Tichaonerera nhaka.
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+1#Solo2014-10-22 06:18
It comes a time when people ask: ko kusiri kufa ndekupi?
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+2#Samuel2014-10-22 06:34
Dear Lord Jesus, let ur wil be done. These pple have dedicated their lives out of desperation. I pray that u keep their souls.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1#Lindo2014-10-22 06:58
Vakomana handei neuwandu hwedu
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+2#Lindo2014-10-22 07:01
guys this is the time
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+2#fidza2014-10-22 07:11
I support u mr Dzamara very soon we wll join u we are coming there we are the numbers we are Zimbabweans let's fight for our nation
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+2#Katiyo2014-10-22 08:36
Cde Dzamara u ar a man among men, lets not retreat guyz. Go on we are together in the battle. inga vamwe vakatanga hondo yeminda and at this juncture its gud kutanga hondo yeZim economic crisis
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1#Nyondaizo2014-10-22 08:48
Hanzi go on tiri tese apa ririkutonwa zvaro tea nemazai mumba maro
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#maitahenyu2014-10-22 09:57
Taurai hako Nyondaizo, apa ma zimbo tataridza hugwara hwedu apa.
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0#kuda2014-10-22 10:34
Ummmmm unotomboshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba .Unotonzwa konzi ndege iya yakazoshayikwa ahhh
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#fatso2014-10-22 10:42
mbasungata GO 2 HELL and burn in pain and argony.....Sher pard I agree with you my brother and all those Zimbos supporting the idea of a brand new Zimbabwe guys our country is beautiful but these Zanu PF thugs have reduced us to nothing but poor directionless beggars....this is our chance Tsvangirai and all of us this is the right time to unite and stand against the decomposing 90 yr old and family...Amai Grace dream on u will NEVA EVA rule Zim Neva maybe in your dreams woman
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#war2014-10-22 12:31
brand new Zimbabwe Bro
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0#cheure2014-10-22 12:38
lets keep the pressure alive until we get a response and even more numbers for our cause this is our country. #OccupyAfricaUn itySquare
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1#Jonso2014-10-22 13:19
This is ZIMBABWE. Nothing of that nature will ever succeed. Wasting their time. Zimbabwe inodzvova ndururu iyi. Munangwarira. Instead endai mundokumbira mbeu mudyare mufidhe mhuri dzenyu.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#Gunguwo2014-10-22 13:24
Utoona munhu achisakidzirwa seimbwa ivo vakamira kure kuri safe zvavo paanonobatwa [censored] nepinjisi vonyarara zvavo
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#selele2014-10-22 15:28
ndoo yacho (lol). Inga kana iwo mapurisa aktoti "Unodhunya"wo wani? Sjambok yezvipembere zvakadhingurwa necyanide yakaipa boys.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#bie2014-10-22 14:11
Zimbabwe needs more people like this Journalist,with all due respect Zimbabweans in general are bootlickers and cowards,thats why this regime has survived so many disasterous years of economic rundown and misrule
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