Zimdancehall artist Lady Squanda was assaulted in a commuter omnibus last week Thursday. The controversial artist was left with a deep cut on her chin and had to be stitched up at Chitungwiza General Hospital.

In a video posted by the ZimEntertainment TV channel Squanda boasted that since she was a ghetto youth and "star" she had decided to get treated in her home area (Chitungwiza Hospital) instead of Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.

Squanda also brags that she did not report the matter to the police and instead it was the police who had reported to her that they knew what had happened and who had done it. She claims the police encouraged her to do her own a "recovery" an apparent slang for a revenge attack.

The attack on Lady Squanda comes two months after she herself turned violent and attacked fellow female dancehall artist Lipsy Chitimbe at the Star FM Dancehall Remedy first anniversary celebrations at the Mbare Netball Complex.

After the latest drama, Squanda took to her Facebook page to accuse Lipsy of sponsoring the attack before she deleted the post a few hours later. "Things getting ugly, Lipsy sent her mafia to bash me up," Squanda wrote on the social networking site.

Industry insiders however said they doubted Lipsy's involvement and that Squanda herself knew who was behind the attack. They accused Squanda of seeking to drag Lipsy into her own problems.

In the August incident Squanda hit Lipsy on the head and she collapsed. The case was reported at Stodart Police Station. The brawl ensued amid allegations that Lipsy had texted Squanda's South Africa based boyfriend Prince "Bolo" Sithole a message indicating that Squanda was a commercial sex worker.

It was then that Squanda decided to take matters into her own hands.



0 # mutirowafanza 2014-10-22 11:56
This thing called Squanda is becoming a menace.
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+2 # reason 2014-10-22 13:05
Haiwa tunhunzi utwu just trying to copy-cat the American scenario, but alas it doesn't work here, even if she walks naked we will never recognize who she is and what she does, but only to leave her as any of the mentally retarded vagrants roaming the streets.
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+1 # budzi 2014-10-22 15:55
iyi ndiyo chupeti yebenzi chaiyo, magarinya anonetsa. tinoziva ghetto inochangamutsa asi apa paita zvedununu chairo
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+1 # stavros 2014-10-22 18:46
she's a psycho!
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0 # selele 2014-10-24 14:50
kanenge Gire
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