VICE-PRESIDENT Joice Mujuru has posted two sarcastic comments on her Facebook page which observers said were pointed at President Robert Mugabe's wife, Grace.

It could not however be readily verified if the Facebook account, officially belongs to Vice President Mujuru, but the account was created last year.

Mujuru has over the past four weeks been subjected to fierce attacks by Grace who accused her of fanning factionalism in the ruling Zanu-PF party and plotting to oust her 90-year-old husband.

More significantly, Grace accused Mujuru of corruption, claiming she was engaged in illicit diamond dealing and running an extortion racket demanding ten percent shareholding in private companies.

Until now, Mujuru had maintained respectful silence as Grace ranted against her and her allies.

But in a post dated October 20, Mujuru denied turning her back on Mugabe as alleged by Grace.

She also dismissed the First Lady as a blabbermouth.

"Loyal to the President, loyal to the party, loyal to the liberation struggle, loyal to the people; muridzo haticheuke (we will not be swayed by those whistling in the dark)," Mujuru declared defiantly in the cryptic message.

Until the posting Mujuru was last on her page on February 20 this year.

She also posted a biting commentary on the recent political events that have seen Grace lash out at her during her meet-the-people rallies.

"Kana benzi rikabata pito...," she said in another brief post, which can be loosely translated, when a deranged person is in charge . . .

Although Mujuru did not mention Grace by name, the comments were pregnant with meaning following the recent public attacks she has been subjected to over the last month.

The rift between Grace and Mujuru widened on Tuesday after the First Lady, who was coming from the Vatican together with her husband, declined to shake Mujuru's hand.

Grace is apparently backing a faction within Zanu-PF that is supporting Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

On Monday, opposition leader Simba Makoni criticised Grace for "straying into the territory of the state president" while NCA leader, Lovemore Madhuku, warned that the first lady risked being assassinated by hawks within Zanu-PF if she takes over from her husband as state president.



Hacha Ndizvo Dr
0#Hacha Ndizvo Dr2014-10-23 10:03
Bofu rikanonga roro?
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0#selele2014-10-23 10:12
benzi rekuNgomahuru rinohwanda nechimuti che-relay musango.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+4#oliver2014-10-23 10:51
Mai Mujuru musaregere kahure ako kachiita zvakanoda, hakazivi chinhu mupolitics, karatadzei kuti deurai ropa zvinorevei
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#cmpa2014-10-23 11:21
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#dazbom2014-10-23 11:10
Chokwadi chichabuda pachena. Grace imanga chena inoparira parere Nhema(Mugabe wacho)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#cmpa2014-10-23 11:20
ichokwad ichocho nekuti dzungu racho haaaaaaaaaaaaaa aa ma1 havana respect zvachose coz vai tukirira vp pamberi pe chaunga kumarondera uko wane dzungu ndoreva mai ekera ava Gra
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#skirty2014-10-23 11:34
Grace is a mental case. She needs psychological attetion. Otherwise if the president refuses t denounce Mai Mujuru in the way she did, she will turn on against him. Chokwadi munonzwa kunzi President vawanikwa vakafa muSate House imomo.
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0#Lindo2014-10-23 12:43
grace need brainwashing after that formatted to restore her to the default settings of mai mugabe. When we finish all this we put install new applications of ,we are the people, we are the numbers and we are the nation
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0#ike2014-10-23 13:18
The beatification and pontification in Rome made her a more sinister jesuit than Bob
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#Solo2014-10-23 18:36
Let's admit that Mai Mujuru is a sinner. Is Mnangagwa a saint? People are suffering, hate speech makes their lives worse. People are struggling with life, when they see The First Lady they expect to be comforted.
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+1#Gumbura2014-10-23 21:54
Nyika ikaita mahure, mbavha nemhondi pamusoro inoita nyika here? Vana veZimbabwe vatambura nekuda kwevanhu ava!
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+2#Travol2014-10-24 02:59
Grace z one of e most certified foolish idiots ever on earth.........i wonder whoever is such a useless guard to let dat demon get out 4rm e gates of hell where it bn raised....nhasi vanhu vakutambura zvakanyanya.... .apa i thnk satan wanted zimbos to see wat it mnz by sufferingg...he cld nt hve released her
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#munyaradzi2014-10-24 09:45
Suffer continue :-x
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-2#mliswa2014-10-24 12:26
Defend yourself with facts not insult and riddles....are u not wht Grace said you are and dd u not engage in activities she said u dd....
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0#bie2014-10-24 12:46
wise words from a wise and well esteemed Liberation Struggle Heroine and true Leader
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0#bie2014-10-24 12:46
wise words from a wise and well esteemed Liberation Struggle Heroine and true Leader
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0#Gunguwo2014-10-25 07:29
Dakudawo shanduko nyika haisi yenyu pliz
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