Sex-starved couple caught having sex at police bar, making too much sex noise An imbibed couple, head over heels in love, had the audacity to exercise horizontal bedroom gymnastics right outside a Police bar in their vehicle in Mutare.

34-year-year old Brian Matambo (PICTURED) from area 3 of Dangamvura and his girlfriend Rumbidzai Simango (32) from the P section of Dangamvura were busted by Senior Police officer semi naked, busy as rabbits playing 'hide my sausage' game.

According to eye witnesses, the man identified as Brian Matambo (34) was reportedly so vigorous in stirring the woman's honeypot so much that an alert Police Officer could not help but hear the loud moans of pleasure and the car bumping and down as if it were travelling on a very dusty, rugged road!

Another witness who preferred anonymity said that the two were having unprotected intercourse hence too much sweetness which culminated in loud groans and moans leading to the unfortunate intervention of the senior cop.

Reached for a comment, Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Enock Chishiri confirmed the incident.

He said the two lovebirds had pleaded guilty to the offence and were slapped with $20 fines each for contravening Section 77 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, which outlaws public nuisance.

"Last Saturday night at around 9, the two accused persons went to drink beer at Silver Oaks. They spent some time there and later got into their vehicle where they were found having s*x by a senior police officer. They were subsequently arrested and taken to Mutare Central Police Station," said Insp Chishiri.
He behoved members of the public to have  respect for public places.

Those who witnessed the drama said it was a free-for-all, as the lovebirds were force-marched out of their car in their chocolate-coloured birthday suits with Mr Brian's 'third leg' dangling wearily like a windscreen wiper of a dilapidated bus, while 'spitting' some sperms in the process. His 'hungry anaconda' had surely been disturbed!

"Scores of police officers who live  nearby and those who were drinking inside the bar came out to see. They were utterly shocked and could not come to terms with such audacity of bonking at a police officers' mess. I was touched by the woman's plight. She got shy as the excited onlookers jeered and booed her for being naked.f," said a witness.

A 'colleague' of the couple disclosed that he had been having fun with the du0 before they went to Silver Oaks. He said the whole day the two could not keep their grubby paws off each other and that they had gotten away with the first round a few hours before the vehicle incident.

"I was with them since afternoon. They were head over heels in love and I think they failed to control their feelings and ended up having s*x at the police officers' mess. I don't know where they got the courage to do it at Silver Oaks because it's a police area."

Given the exorbitant rates charged by lodges and hotels, many people have resorted to having s*x in cars and in the bush.

Just last year, a video footage of an apostolic sect leader went viral after he was busted bonking a married woman in the thickets of Nyakamete Industrial Area in Mutare.

Several people have fallen prey to robbers at roadsides while having s*x in vehicles, especially along the mountainous Vumba area. At most parks and social gathering areas in Harare and surrounding areas, some cars are seen 'bouncing' during weekends, especially at Cleverant Dam.

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