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A home-made bedroom footage involving a driver and a student on attachment at a leading confectionery company in Bulawayo has gone viral.

Out of shame, when the tape leaked, the student only identified as Primrose had to pack her bags and leave her academic placement because anyone who wanted an idea of what she looks like during the act simply had to play a video sent via WhatsApp.

The main actor in the bedroom lesson video is Eric Revai, a driver at the company, and a married father of two.

The video footage allegedly became an instant hit at the confectionery company.

The Bulawayo-based tabloid newspaper, B-Metro alleges that the footage "is by far better than most" videos of that nature "that have leaked into the public."

Apparently it did not take much time for the video to be on everyone's mobile phone at the company.  

Those that have seen Primrose after her embarrassing stint at the company allege that she could be pregnant.

But to say it's Revai's unborn child would not be necessarily accurate.

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