A Harare woman is accused of bringing her boyfriends to the matrimonial home and engaging in sexual intercourse with them in the presence of her husband and children.

Dzorerai Unyoro claimed that each time he tried to reprimand Emily Vafana, she became violent and physically assaulted him. Unyoro was seeking a protection order against Vafana whom he said was in the habit of sexually abusing him.

"She brings her boyfriends into our matrimonial bedroom and goes on to be intimate with them in my presence. I want her to move out of my house because I am no longer interested in her," he said.

Unyoro told Harare Civil Court magistrate Mr Tafadzwa Muvhami, that he was tired of being physically and sexually abused.
"During the absence of her boyfriends she goes on to sexually abuse me and if I try to resist she physically abuses me," said Unyoro.

Unyoro said Vafana was embarrassing him in front of their minor children because sometimes she entered the bedroom with her boyfriends in the presence of the children.

"I have lost my dignity because she harasses and physically assaults me in front of the children."

Unyoro pleaded with Mr Muvhami to grant him a protection order saying he had endured enough abuse.

Vafana did not show up at the court.

Mr Muvhami granted Unyoro’s protection order in default, which barred Vafana from sexually, physically or verbally abusing him. He also ordered Vafana to keep peace with Unyoro all the times.

Mr Muvhami told Unyoro to approach the "eviction court" if he wanted Vafana to be evicted from his house.



Muchecheudzi Mukuru
+2#Muchecheudzi Mukuru2014-10-27 09:52
Dzorerai Unyoro???? Yohh
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+1#selele2014-10-27 10:38
mamwe mazita anoparira.
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0#Bruno2014-10-27 10:31
Unyoro, wakanyorova sezita rako, asi edza kurutsiswa.
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Hacha Ndizvo Dr
+1#Hacha Ndizvo Dr2014-10-27 11:39
Unyoro has a demon that needs to be exorcized. Even mombe chaidzo dzinorwira hadzi wani. Chokwadi Unyoro kutarisa mukadzi achirohwa nyoro? Une sure iwe??? Nxaaaa sitereki.
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0#selele2014-10-27 15:45
But kuvarungu zviriko. Unotonyatsobvun zwa kuti unoda here kutimba mukadzi wangu muridzi wacho akatarisa. Kana wapedza member yokotama kunanzva zvawaisa mumukadzi wake.
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-1#pombi2014-10-28 08:01
Selele unopenga iwe pamha*ta pako kwana ok !!
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0#selele2014-10-28 16:14
Quoting pombi:
Selele unopenga iwe pamha*ta pako kwana ok !!

Pombi mumwe wangu handisi kunyepa. This happens. Ever heard of cuckolds ? They will buy you beer treat you like a prince so that wife gets laid. For real !!
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prof ashaf
0#prof ashaf2016-03-26 13:48
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Mwana waMujuru
0#Mwana waMujuru2016-03-26 15:54
Tinoda varume variserious iwe Unyoro ! Zvimwe hazvidi macourt , munhu ngaarove pasi full stop . Hindava kushaya spine
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