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Itai Dzamara who hand-delivered 'step down' letter to Mugabe finally gets beaten heavily THE editor of The News Leader newspaper, Itai Dzamara has been severely beaten by Zanu-PF hooligans before he was nabbed by Harare police for staging protest marches calling for President Mugabe to step down over the country's comatose economy.

Dzamara who launched protest marches dubbed "Occupy Africa Unity Square" is a fortnight ago is said to be locked at Harare Central Police Station and has been there since 11AM today, according to our sources.

Efforts to contact Dzamara on his mobile phone were fruitfulness, a confirmation that indicates that he might be in the dock. Police Spokesperson Charity was also not readily available to confirm Dzamara's arrest.

It is not the first time that Dzamara has been locked as he has been arrested and interrogated several times for his "infamous" project. Despite the arrests, the unstoppable activist has vowed to continue with the protest marches until Mugabe steps down.

According to preliminary reports, Dzamara and other protesters were mobbed by Zanu-PF supporters at the Parliament Building in Harare minutes after Mugabe had closed the official opening of the second session of the 8th parliament today.

Sources told us that the group lead by Dzamara began their marches raising placards denouncing Mugabe and urging him to immediately resign.

The protest is said to have irked Zanu-PF supporters leading to the attack. Police intervened and arrested Dzamara and his accomplices.

Dzamara, a practicing journalist has vowed to abandon his profession in order to concentrate on anti-Mugabe demos synonymous with those held in Egypt and Tunisia culminating in leaders leaving office.

In his petition Dzamara urged Mugabe not to unleash security details on demonstrating people but his plea has fallen on deaf ears as police continue to harass and arrest anyone staging mass protests.

The unrestrained journo has also launched intensive campaigns on Social Media and has attracted a massive following in the past few weeks. 

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