Bus and haulage truck accident kills 4 people FOUR people died in a horrific road accident near Binisi Farm along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road in the early morning hours on Thursday.

The Bulawayo Fire Brigade confirmed the accident, which occurred at 4am, when a bus smashed into a haulage truck.

The driver of the bus, who was allegedly speeding, is said to have rammed into the truck after trying to avoid hitting a Peugeot 504 that had broken down on the road.

Two of the deceased were trapped inside the wreckage. Several other passengers were injured in the crash, among them two members of the bus crew.

The driver of the bus is said to have tried to avoid a pick-up truck which was parked in the middle of the road and in the process,
he caused a head-on collision with the haulage truck.

Evous Masuku, the owner of the van, which was hit by the bus leading to the head-on collision, said his vehicle ran out of fuel and he parked it by the road side and left to buy fuel.

He said he placed a red gallon behind his vehicle, a danger warning sign showing there was a vehicle parked in the road ahead.

"I was coming from buying fuel at Falls Garage when I saw the bus coming from the Lupane direction at a high speed. The bus was travelling at high speed at the same time the driver wanted to avoid hitting my car before realising there was an oncoming truck," Masuku said

The bus driver then hit the stationery truck, before being forced into the opposing lane, where the two vehicles collided.

It was not yet clear whether there were more deaths from the accident, as many passengers were said to have been severely injured.

When the news crew arrived at the scene, both the bus and the truck were being towed, away while the injured and the dead had already been ferried to Bulawayo in ambulances.

National traffic police spokesperson Inspector Tigere Chigome said he had not yet received details of the accident, before he referred all questions to police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi. Nyathi's mobile phone went unanswered.



+1#Prince2014-10-31 10:22
sad that people still don't see the importance of the breakdoawn triangle. A red gallon is not reflective, breakdown triangle costs $7 and could save lives.
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0#selele2014-10-31 11:58
Dualise those stupid roads like yesterday! Why was it quicker to build roads country wide early 80's than it is now?? I know why.
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+3#Mobby2014-10-31 13:42
It appears that the Peugeot 504 driver did not move his vehicle far off the road as necessary. Furthermore he used a non reflective container. He should have complimented this with twigs and branches to ensure that he got the attention of the other road users. Then only can we place the blame squarely on the speeding bus driver. Otherwise ndiye akakonyeresa
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