A 44-year-old man, who embedded 10 ball bearings in his penis to enhance his sexual prowess, was forced to remove them when he failed to get an erection for almost six months, reported Harian Metro.

Upon removing them, the man known only as Ramli, was shocked to find the tiny balls had become rusty.

He told the paper he was inspired to embed the bearings through self-surgery after a friend, who claimed to have done it, boasted his sexual stamina.

Relating his hazardous venture in 2004, Ramly said he peeled off part of the skin with a knife and planted the ball bearings around the base of his penis.

"My private part swelled up for three days but I endured the pain and didn’t see a doctor," he said, claiming that for a while it worked and he satisfied many women after the wound healed.

Months later, he began to feel excruciating pain and sought help from a doctor, who advised him to surgically remove the bearings or be impotent for life.

Beware of the medication you buy over the counter. Health enforcers have found that 6% of popular pharmaceutical brands sold are fake, said Harian Metro.

Among the brands identified were Panadol, Minyak Cap Kapak, Viagra and Eye Mo.

Deputy health director (pharmaceutical enforcement division) Mazlan Ismail said there were syndicates producing imitation drugs that were almost similar to the original products.

"The imitation drugs do not work like the real medicine and some products, like the imitation Panadol, are made from ordinary flour," said Mazlan, disclosing that most of the items were sold at retail shops, convenience stores, supermarkets and even by the five-foot-way.

Mix FM deejay Sarimah Ibrahim said it was not in her character to go after men from rich and famous families but it was only later in her relationship with Tunku Nadzimud-din Tunku Mudzaffar, 42, that she found out he was from the Negri Sembilan royal household.

"I never bothered about status. What is important is a person’s heart," she said in an interview with habHIB, the entertainment pullout of Kosmo! – The Star

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