Retired Generan Gibson Mashingaidze, one of the most revered army commanders in Zimbabwe has confirmed to that he consulted a traditional healer after a serial robber broke into his farm house  in Triangle recently and stole various household goods.

He also confirmed that the robber lost his mental stability and started shouting out lout at Triangle Bus Terminus that he stole the General's property.

Davison Shawa (30) appeared before Triangle Resident Magistrate, Tawengwa Chibanda last week and was convicted and charged on his own plea of guilty. Davison allegedly went further to confess eight other unresolved housebreaking cases that the police were failing to make  head way on.

Shawa got away from General Mashingaidze's house with a 42 inch LED plasma television, a mobile phone, clothes and several household goods.

He stunned the court when he confessed on other cases of housebreaking at ZINWA, Chiredzi Research Centre, Chiredzi Prisons and unlawful escape from police custody.

Magistrate Chibanda sentenced him to 42 months in prison on three cases of housebreaking and two months were suspended on condition of good behaviour and that he does not commit the same offence in the next five years.

It is the state case that on 18 August 2014, Mashingaidze and his family left for Harare leaving three female relatives at his Triangle farm. Shawa, who was out after being released through the Presidential Pardon broke through a bathroom window and gained entry into the house where the three were enjoying their sleep.

The serial robber lifted the three fast asleep women from the bed and stole their mobile phones that were under the pillow. The man who deserves to feature in the Guinea's Book of Records for his stealing expertise pulled a shocker after it emerged that the three lifted women did not wake up despite being lifted from the bed by Shawa.

The goods were reportedly worth US$5,000 but only goods worth US$3,000 were recovered after Shawa went mad and confessed to stealing the army general's property.

"It is true that we visited a n'anga (sangoma) somewhere in Chiredzi and when we got there the n'anga spent about four hours working on something. After that he just told us to leave. That is when this robber lost his marbles from Triangle Bus Terminus and publicly confessed that he was responsible for stealing the General's property," said an aide cleared by Gen Mashingaide to speak to the media.

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