Hwindis attack and humiliate woman wearing a tight mini skirt, 'anacondas charge' Beverly, 16 is a modern girl who grew up in the affluent suburbs of Harare and her parents buy her whatever clothes she wants.

The young college girl, however, got a rude awakening when she ventured into the city's central business district.

Clad in a mini-dress that looked like a blouse and exposing her thighs, Beverly made an unfortunate turn and crossed through a busy commuter omnibus termini where the touts there were so excited to see her "half naked body."

While her dressing was not intentional, she was greeted with deafening whistles and shouts from the touts, conductors and drivers at the termini.

The rowdy men, whose anacondas had already vigorously 'charged' and ready to 'vomit', followed her like she was a thief and in her confusion she began to cry.

A taxi driver at the termini escorted Beverly to his car and sped off, rescuing the innocent girl.

Such is the treatment that women usually get when they wear mini-dresses and walk into such territories.

While females moving in most cities enjoy the raunchy culture of wearing mini-dresses, the patriarchal culture has not accepted their wishes.

"As much as I do not condone that behaviour by men, sometimes girls overdo it. I also wear mini-skirts but decent ones," a female vendor at Fourth Street, Nomore Gonove said.

She said while some of the girls want to attract attention, when men give them that attention then they start being arrogant.

"I once joined the booing one day because it was too much, though usually I don't want be part of it," she said.

"I will never vouch for men when they do that because tomorrow it could be me," her friend said.

For men it is a whole different ball game.

"Yes, women have their rights like every other woman in the world but there are certain things to consider apart from culture. My point sister is white women can easily wear a mini and it is not considered vulgar but if it is a black girl, men's imaginations go wild. They are not used to the upper part of women's legs which is usually covered," a Fourth Street bus terminus conductor who identified himself as Joe said.

"Some of these girls wear miniskirts so that they can attract attention and just want to get us in trouble with the police. We had an incident last week when people whistled and jeered a girl in a miniskirt here, she made a police report and they hit everyone here," he said.

Some of the men justified their responses saying the temptation is too much.

"Tell me something, what do I do?  Let us say I am going to church and see these thighs – my mind will start wondering and I might be tempted," another conductor said.

"I will give an example of countries like South Africa where miniskirts and short shorts are tolerated, there is so much that they allow there that would be criminal here, not getting into detail," another one named Chimhinyi said.

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