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Seven people died while six others were seriously injured in a road accident that occurred along the Harare-Domboshava highway near the Hatcliffe market.

The seven died on the spot when the Range Rover they were travelling in was involved in a head on collision with a bus around this Sunday afternoon. My Zimbabwe News has the photos of the fatal accident but so terrifying and bloody are the images that our editorial team has deemed it fit not to publish them.

The car was travelling towards Domboshava, while the bus belonging to the AFM in Zimbabwe church Sunningdale Assembly was heading towards Harare.

No one inside the bus was injured.  

The injured six, who were also in the Range Rover, were ferried to Parirenyatwa Hospital.

According to an eye witness, the driver of the Range Rover, who is a member of an apostolic sect, encroached into the lane of oncoming vehicles and collided head on with the bus which is said to have hooted to warn the driver.

Hatcliffe Ward 42 Councilor, Cde Naboth Munyengera said the stretch has become a high accident zone due to the narrowness of the road and said authorities should widen the road before more lives are lost.

The dead included the driver of the Range Rover, three women (one who is thought to have been pregnant) and three children.

All are members of the apostolic sect.

Police are yet to identify and name the deceased and the injured.

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