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facebook Share on Facebook Snake 'withdraws' cash at Barclays Bank ATM? There was drama in Harare on Saturday when a SNAKE reportedly slithered to an ATM machine at Barclays Bank Angwa Street and then entered into a car.

Bewilderment and chaos reigned supreme as passers-by surrounded the car to get a closer view of the snake and its owner. Others were busy taking photos from the onset and managed to capture pictures of the snake and the car that it later entered.

The UNPROVEN reports from the shocked eyewitness are however conflicting. Some claim the snake 'withdrew' cash from the ATM while others claim it just went to the machine and returned to the car.

When the bemused crowd mobbed the car and asked the driver, who had arrived a little while later, to explain the bizarre occurrence, he professed ignorance and unperturbedly asked them to release him so he could go home. "Handizvizve zvamuri kutaura  ini ndiregei ndiende kumba (I don't know what you are talking about, let me go home)," he reportedly said.

The mob had no option but to let him go.

Reached for comment, Harare Police said they had not received a report of the incident. Barclays Bank officials declined to give a comment.

Snake 'withdraws' cash at Barclays Bank ATM?My Zimbabwe News crew however analysed one of the photos that has since gone viral on Social Networks such as WhatsApp and Facebook. While the photo indeed shows a snake slithering on to the ATM, My Zimbabwe News Crew can vehemently deny that the ATM belongs to Barclays Bank, let alone the Angwa Street branch. The photo clearly shows that the ATM is an out-door one as can be noticed by the type of bricks that surround it. ATMs at Angwa Street are walk-in ATMs and not out-door. The wall that surrounds the machines are plastered and painted with blue oil paint, not the bricks that appear on this photo.

In 2012, Barclays Bank was the only Bank in bank in Zimbabwe whose ATMs were accepting Mastercards. For that reason our editor would regularly visit Barclays Bank ATMs, especially the Angwa street one and the First Street branch to withdraw cash.

This is not how the Angwa Street ATM looks like, and in addition to that, most, if not all Barclays Bank ATMs, are state-of the art ATMs where the keypad is shielded for security purposes, so as to avoid unscrupulous fraudsters from memorising your Card Pin number. While we can neither deny nor accept that a snake was seen at the ATM, My Zimbabwe editorial team, however, vehemently denies that the second photo which shows a snake on the ATM was captured at Barclays Bank Angwa Street!

Snakes are reportedly used in Juju/Black Magic folklore by their owners to go and 'steal' money from banks, financial institutions and wealthy individuals. They swallow the cash, return home to their masters where they then vomit the money for the owner to use as the wish. According to Legend few people however have the ability or 'luck' to see these mythical creatures so it is certainly a wonder how Hararians managed to get a glimpse of such an extra-ordinary occurrence.

In 2013, Socialite, Wicknell Chivayo made headlines when some workers at a car dealer spotted a huge snake in his BMW X6 According to the reports in H-Metro, Wicknell left the X6 and went on about his other business. The workers at the car dealer then decided to clean the car and then came across a snake. One of them then called B.I.G to tell him what had just happened. To their surprise, B.I.G asked them why they were being over excited. "Hamuzive nyoka here?" he asked.

Sir Wicknell flatly denied the accusations and claimed the rumours was being peddled by haters who just could not handle his good fortune.

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