PERSONAL attacks on under-fire Vice-President Joice Mujuru continued unabated yesterday with Hurungwe East MP Sarah Mahoka saying the VP should leave office before end of next week.

"The women's league national executive must remove VP Mujuru from office next week without fail," she was quoted as saying by the private Press.

Mujuru has been under fire from some sections of the party over allegations of corruption and plotting to topple Mugabe, charges she has denied.

Grace Mugabe opened a Pandora's Box last month when she publicly made the allegations during her "meet the people" tours around the country.

The president's wife claimed that Mujuru was the "real weevil" plotting to destroy the ruling party from within.

"The real weevil is VP Mujuru not the interpretation that it was Jonathan Moyo (Information minister)," she said.

The fight to remove Mujuru from her position both in government and Zanu PF has claimed scalps of several party officials and eight provincial chairpersons linked to her camp.

The anti-Mujuru campaign has been extended to Cabinet ministers and politburo members believed to be sympathetic to her.

Last week, Gokwe-Nembudziya member of parliament, Justice Wadyajena also laid into Vice President Joice Mujuru, saying she "must heed First Lady Grace Mugabe's call to resign" over alleged corruption and abuse of office charges.

This was after he had been asked about his position on the current factional fights in Zanu PF and the motivation of emblazoning his red BMW sports utility with the Women's League-designate boss' images.

"I support President Robert Mugabe and the First Lady, and only opposed to corrupt officials, including the VP, out to destroy the president's legacy through palace coups," Wadyajena said.

"In fact, l do not make any apologies for the VP to resign, especially in the wake of overwhelming evidence of corruption, abuse of office and plots to unseat… our first secretary, who has sacrificed a lot for Zimbabwe. The Zanu PF leader is a gem the country cannot afford to lose and, therefore, any attempts to eject him were treasonous".



John Mushona
+3#John Mushona2014-11-19 14:11
From One Party State to One family State mamanje chatunga anenge akudzidao nyanga
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+1#Gudo2014-11-19 14:54
Is this the same Sarah Mahoka who could not read police statements after arohwa negang ra Temba Mliswa last year or the year before and later told the courts that she was a grade 2 dropout and could neither read nor write hence the anormalies between her verbal statements and what she had signed for at the police station. Atoo nemasimba ekudzinga vice president iye asingagoni kana kuverenga zita rake? What happened to the minimum qualifications requirement for legislators?
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+1#mancube2014-11-19 15:19
ah veduwe hapana nyaya apa asina mhosva ndiyani ati ini.Varegei vakadaro vakawinner mai Mujuru zviri pachena munhu anovoterwa not declaration tava na Hitiler here muno tiregerereiwo.
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0#chikazi2014-11-19 16:01
hey com to chinhoyi methodist church varoi vakabatwa usiku vasina kupfeka pachurch vagere kwanzi ndipo patino sangana nirana nguva dzose vamwe vacho ndeve chuch iyoyo sent your repoters for confermation.
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-1#chikazi2014-11-19 16:21
mai mujuru must leave the office for better zimbabwe tikatamba nezanu tinoparara vanhuwe mai ngavabve zvchakanaka zvinhu izvi tapota amai zororai plz
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+2#Jekesakuface2014-11-19 17:16
Handizvo zvatakabvira kuMozambique netsoka, kuzotambudzwa naMugabe neMukadzi wake. Zvikanetsa tinodzokera futi mukavha. Pamberi naTeurai Ropa. Usatye Teurai Ropa, Zimbabwe yese inewe. Takamirira kuti utiudze gwara rekufamba naro kuti tidzorere masimba evanhu kuvanhu.
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0#Solo2014-11-19 17:24
Society should have a feel for widows and orphans, what we are reading is the reverse. In any case these statements that are being produced now are going to be recorded in history and these things will not be erased even if the political climate changes.

During the war fighters used to communicate and the word would spread, why can't ZANU PF use those same channels instead of using the press as a microphone? During the war, there were some people who were comfortable in towns they never sensed that there was fire. Educated people should be able to find common ground in diversity.

This prophet who is saying that the President will die soon is causing panic on decision makers. Nobody knows the day nor the hour when it happens. If the president survives the prophecy, there will be more diaster.
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