The government says its coffers are empty and as a result some of its employees will not get their bonuses this month as expected, much to the annoyance of leaders of the workers' representatives.

Speaking to Studio 7 after meeting leaders of workers' representative bodies in Harare yesterday, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Nicholas Goche (pictured) said the government wouldn't be able to pay bonuses to all its workers as expected because its coffers are empty.

Goche said this decision was reached following consultations with the finance ministry.

But Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe general secretary, Raymond Majongwe, said government workers should be treated equally.

President of the Progressive Educators Union of Zimbabwe, Wilson Makanyaire, echoed the same sentiments saying government should walk its talk on its promises for its employees' bonuses.



0#jackb2014-11-21 11:02
ipai vanhu mari dzavo mhani shit mbavha dzevanhu imi vacho muchashaya bonus here
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+1#Roell2014-11-21 11:07
Mari yacho irikupedzwa na Gireh uyo. Arikupoterera nyika yose just to tell people that she has a sexy body and therefore is better than Mai Mujuru. This government is so self centered that it cannot prioritise. They enrich themselves at the expense of long suffering civil servants. I've also been waiting for my pension contributions since 2011.
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John Mushona
0#John Mushona2014-11-21 13:24
Mari ye ma bonus irikuenda kuma rally a Grace. Its not just corruption but SELFISHNESS. it was wise just to vote Mai Mujuru out than wasting mari zvamunoita izvi. Nyika yedu yakatukwa chete aah. Mwari muripiko vanhu vatinyanyira ava
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+1#masese2014-11-21 15:38
nyima masoldiers nepolice havana deal
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0#selele2014-11-21 15:53
Quoting masese:
nyima masoldiers nepolice havana deal

chinobvondoka ghanaz ikashaya bhonas.
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Mbiti naNgoma
0#Mbiti naNgoma2014-11-21 17:58
Tsvangirai ari kukudeedzai wani kuti huyai tiite DEMO imi moti munoziva sitereki hamheno muchapepuka henyu
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