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The Patriotic Front Central Committee has suspended Acting Party and Republican President Guy Scott from the party for sixty days with immediate effect.

The Central Committee has also asked the PF Secretary General Bridget Attanga to handover all application letters for nomination of party Presidency to the committee.

"The central committee of the PF has decided to suspend Dr. Guy Scott as acting president of the party for unconstitutional conduct and for abrogating the party constitution," PF central committee member Malozo Sichone told a media briefing.

Since the passing of President Michael Sata, there has been a notable power struggle among the leadership of the PF, including an attempt by Guy Scott to suspend the PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu, who was then later reinstated following street protests.

Guy Scott had a rough patch with some Zimbabweans when he insisted that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe wants to quit.

Talking to the Guardian, he said of Mugabe: "I think if you asked him he'd say it was enough. That's what he said to us a few months ago. I said the way forward in African democracy is the way we do it in Zambia. He said, 'I absolutely agree, I wish it would happen to me.'"

Scott went on to describe Mugabe's persona. "He's a funny chap. He seems to doze off and then he suddenly laughs at a joke while in the middle of dozing. And very articulate, without a note, without a scrap of anything.

"He's an anglophone. He loves to give lectures on the English language, English weighing systems, English this or that. He was a teacher and so he taught himself all that."

"I'm sure any good African nationalist admires Mugabe. Racism in Zimbabwe is a serious issue. I  was sent to school down there and it was like being in the Hitler Youth: the theories about black inferiority and this kind of stuff," Scott added,

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