VICE President Joice Mujuru and one of her sidekicks Cde Nicholas Goche who were both implicated in the plot to assassinate President Mugabe yesterday missed the final Politburo ahead of Congress on account of illness.

Cde Goche was said to be seriously under the weather as he was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit of a Harare private hospital, with sources saying he was suffering from hypertension in the wake of the exposure of his scandalous utterances and subsequent decision to opt out of the Central Committee elections.

Minister of State in the Vice President's Office Cde Flora Buka, who is also linked to the Mujuru cabal, is reported to have collapsed after losing in the Central Committee elections held at Mutora Growth Point in Nembudziya on Tuesday.

VP Mujuru, who is now the outgoing Zanu-PF Second Secretary after she failed to secure a Central Committee position, missed yesterday's Politburo meeting on health grounds.

It is understood that the VP gave an apology that she was sick and as such she could not attend the crucial meeting.

"She excused herself and gave an apology that she was not feeling well," said a Zanu-PF official who refused to be named.

Cde Goche was admitted at a private hospital in Borrowdale on Tuesday.

Although the doctors at the up-market medical facility refused to disclose his sickness, they confirmed that Cde Goche was critically ill and in the Intensive Care Unit.

The doctors said his condition had seriously deteriorated, but they were closely monitoring him.

"Yes, I can confirm that he was admitted at our hospital on Tuesday. He is quite serious, but due to our medical ethics I cannot disclose the nature of his ailment to you save to say that he is in the Intensive Care Unit. We are guided by doctor-patient confidentiality and as such we are not allowed to disclose such private information unless if he (Cde Goche) authorised us to do so," said one of the doctors at the hospital.

Another doctor at the same hospital said people were being restricted to visit Cde Goche because of his serious condition.

Our sources in Midlands confirmed that Cde Buka collapsed in Nembudziya soon after the announcement of Central Committee election results.

"I think she was shocked, especially considering that it was her second successive defeat after she was booted out of the Women's League in August."

Cde Buka lost her Central Committee bid to Cde Leonard Chikomba after garnering 74 votes against 169.

In August, she again failed to get a position in the Women's League after losing to Cde Estina Nhari.

VP Mujuru and several members of her faction were reportedly working on a wicked plot to unseat President Mugabe illegally.

Cde Goche opened up recently on the sidelines of meetings he held with officials from the Zimbabwe Sugar Cane Milling Union in Chiredzi that war was imminent in Zanu-PF as some people would be "flushed away" at the 6th National People's Congress which begins in Harare next week.

Efforts to get comment from Cde Buka were fruitless last night.

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0#gogosesikhona2014-11-27 06:18
Is the Nyagumbo saga repeating itself? Strange the always choose the agonising end instead of a bullet in the head. This is what soldiers do when given a choice. It goes on to show that the liberation credentials they normally give themselves, is nothing but a fallacy.
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0#rugareGumbo2014-11-27 07:17
Vatangakuda kuurayana manje
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Hacha Ndizvo Dr
+1#Hacha Ndizvo Dr2014-11-27 10:28
The Great Edson Zvobgo advised the world that ukapusa ZANU PF inokutambisa Sinjonjo. Chokwadi ukapusa mu ZANU unoruka madhambitanana chaiwo
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+1#selele2014-11-27 11:40
Zanu-PF has gone to the dogs.
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+1#maitahenyu2014-11-27 17:00
Selele it was in the dogs long ago you didn't know. Now they got mustard and they are biting each other. But wonzwa vachiti we will be ok as ordinary card carrying member yet they are collapsing like nobody's business, they have a lot to lose considering the vindictiveness of the winners. These people had the support of the grass roots but are now victims of those near the sit of power. Unfortunately they have too many skeletons in their cupboards to mount any meaningful challenge without seeing themselves in Chikurubi. yesterday they ate bacon and egg, 4 course meals but soon it will be watery beans in Chikurubi kuti zvityise, saka ndozvakuvadonhe dza. mapurazi achaenda, tumabusiness toenda vana variout of the country kuzvikoro voziya nenzara iwe unodonha chete pakadai especially uchiziva kuti there is nothing you can do. Mai Mujrur votokumbira sorry kuna Mujibha Kasukuwere.
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