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The minister of State for Masvingo, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti has said the Government of National Unity (GNU) mainly between President Mugabe and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai worked better than the current Zanu PF-only Government because of factions that are concentrating on fights for power.

The Zanu PF senior official made a passionate plea to his colleagues to spare a thought for Zimbabweans who are suffering because of the fights.

Bhasikiti who was speaking at a family event organized by the Family of God Church in Masvingo this week said it was unbelievable that Zanu PF whose members could work well with the MDC T of Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara in a Government of National Unity for five years can now not work amongst themselves.

"We won the elections and we are one party but the fights that we now witness are far worse than those we saw when we were in Government with Tsvangirai," said Bhasikiti.

He appealed for family unit that in turn feeds into a united nation. Bhasikiti criticized some of the language used at the factions' rallies and in newspapers which he said was detrimental to the building of strong families.

He said the infighting that has engulfed ZANU PF is affecting Government's ability to deliver to the people. He added that his party worked well with other parties in the Government of National Unity which was a three legged formation and called for people to pray for the family and national unity.

"I represent the President here and my wife represents the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe. I therefore represent the First Family and my prayer is that the strength that is in the First Family cascades down to all families," said Bhasikiti in a passionate plea.

He appealed for unity in the party and Government so that election promises could be delivered to the people.

"If we were united with Tsvangirai yesterday and could not find problems with it towards the development of the nation, why can't we do the same today as a party so that we can flow together as a nation? If self interests and disunity continue to impede, we will fail to mend what has been lost by the family," said Bhasikiti.

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