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Vice President Joice Mujuru yesterday came under fire from analysts for her lack of remorse after she failed to pay condolences to two families who lost their loved ones in a road accident caused by her daughter Chipo Mujuru Makoni.

The accident, which occurred on December 10, 2012 along Enterprise Road, claimed the life of the two-month-old-son of an Iranian doctor Amin Hamidzadeh and a 38-year-old Zimbabwean Joseph Ngonji who was driving Dr Hamidzadeh's wife, daughter and two sons.

Ngonji died on the spot, while Chipo was whisked from the scene by a security team, ostensibly acting on the instructions of her mother who was in Dubai at the time.

Analysts questioned VP Mujuru's compassion for the ordinary person saying she had a penchant of protecting her daughters whenever they are found on the wrong side of the law when as VP she should look out for all people.

"When you have daughters who think they are above the law, it is a reflection on the mother. In all cases raised against VP Mujuru so far, we have seen a disturbing trend of maligning the common man while protecting her errant daughters, that is a very worrying trait," said Mr Tapiwa Zvokuzhe of Masvingo.

University of Zimbabwe political scientist Dr Charity Manyeruke said VP Mujuru was expected to visit and commiserate with the families of the victims and even attend the funerals.

"We are Africans and we have our traditional system and legal systems that we follow. We are not a people that are divorced from their culture. Even Christians do the same, ask for forgiveness, try to reconcile with the families of the victims. If VP Mujuru did not do that it is actually scary. We are talking about a Vice President here," said Dr Manyeruke.

Dr Manyeruke said VP Mujuru's daughter was involved in a fatal accident and that should have knocked in her senses that she had to show remorse. Besides being the Vice President, Dr Manyeruke said, she is a Zimbabwean whose behaviour "is deep-rooted in our tradition."

"As Vice President there were so many expectations with regards to showing remorse and being with the people during such a painful period of mourning," she said.

War veteran leader Cde Vicstor Matemadanda said VP Mujuru did not have people at heart.

"That is the nature of that person (VP Mujuru). She has always been like that, even during the liberation struggle. She is not concerned about other people. She is not responsible," said Cde Matemadanda.

Another analyst and lawyer Mr Terence Hussein said: "I think she (VP) preferred to stay out of it and let her daughter take full responsibility of her fatal actions."

Dr Hamidzadeh is assigned to the Iranian Red Crescent Clinic at Number 8 Cameron Street, Harare. Chipo Mujuru Makoni was behind the wheel of the Toyota Land Cruiser VX registration number AAT 9900 registered to Vice President Mujuru when she rammed the Toyota Corolla sedan with the Hamidzadeh's.

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