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South African Poll think-tank and electoral lobby group Election Resource Centre (ERC) has reportedly called on South Africa to apologise to Zimbabweans after the Pretoria administration delayed the release of a damning report on Zimbabwe's 2002 elections.

A report by two South African High Court judges, which found the Zimbabwe elections of 2002 not to be free or fair, was made public last week following a lengthy legal battle.

The report, contrary to declarations by the then Thabo Mbeki-led administration, confirmed suspicions of poll rigging and a litany of irregularities blamed on the state apparatus in Zimbabwe's 2002 elections.

The report was published on the Mail & Guardian's website on Friday.

According to New, ERC said in a statement it was joining Zimbabwean voters and democrats everywhere in mourning the delayed release of the highly sought-after report on the controversial 2002 Zimbabwe presidential polls.

"Deeply appalled"

ERC demanded that former presidents Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe as well as President Jacob Zuma - who have spent more than six years fighting against the release of the report - make a public apology to Zimbabweans for denying public access to the report.

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