President Robert Mugabe on Monday said he will soon make a "huge statement" regarding the goings on in his ruling Zanu PF party and the nation.

Mugabe, who was touring the venue of the party's congress, which starts today in Harare with a politburo meeting, in company of cabinet ministers and senior government officials, minus the under fire Vice-President Joice Mujuru, declined to entertain questions from a battery of journalists, saying time was just around the corner for him to make a huge statement.

"I will not speak now, no, no! I will make a huge statement soon," said a joking President Mugabe, while rising from a chair where he was seated and flanked by party chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangangwa.

Mujuru has been under fire in the past months and word is rife that she could be on her way out due to the political pressure being racheted  on her to quit for allegedly plotting to topple the incumbent president.

The Zanu PF congress is expected to usher in a new leadership and Mujuru, accused of being corrupt, an inept leader and working with a cartel plotting to kill the president, is likely to come back as an ordinary card-carrying member after her bid to be a central committee member was rejected by hawks in her home province of Mashonaland Central.

The vice-president and a team of senior members accused of being in her camp have been thrown out in various provinces amid accusations that they were anti-President Mugabe.

Although Mujuru has denied the allegations, First Lady Grace Mugabe has declared that Mujuru must go and threatened to even force President Robert Mugabe to 'baby dumb' her.

Since the launch of the anti-Mujuru drive, Mugabe has not made any statement on the allegations being levelled  against his second in command, instead only telling party supporters to vote those they did not want out.

However, with constitutional changes set to be approved by the central committee tomorrow, President Mugabe is likely to appoint his two deputies, national chairperson and the entire politburo, with Mujuru's fate now in his hands.



+3#bie2014-12-02 10:03
there is only one thing Zimbabweans want to hear,when is the President stepping down?
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+2#Muitakunanzva2014-12-02 11:39
Muregerereiwo.. ...haazivi kuti bombshell chii. Izwi rakangomunakidz awo
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Mwana WaGushungo
+1#Mwana WaGushungo2014-12-02 12:16
As long as the bombshell will ensure Zimbabwe becomes the bread basket of Africa again . As long as it will mean kuti our millions of graduates finally get jobs . As long as it means our hardworking civil servants , nurses and teachers etc, start getting a befitting and adequate remuneration . Then the bombshell is welcome good news . If not .....
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0#clemz2014-12-02 13:59
Zanu is a joke, grace wht did she done in Zim. Yah pipo are suffering
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take 5
+2#take 52014-12-02 14:32
Zanu pf has double standards mujuru is not the source of our economic woes .This is just a game to nuetralise her.
they once accuser Morgan of treoson now they are fighting their own comrades.Shame party
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0#zvichapera2014-12-02 16:52
This is too much for how long are you going to be the leader.
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0#Max2014-12-02 17:07
Now e tables hav turned frm Morgan to Mujuru lets js wait nd find out guys.
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0#zikhalie2014-12-03 08:20
Zanu pf
It's just a joke we are suffering and they arare taking us for granted
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