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The Zanu PF First Secretary and President, Cde Robert Mugabe, says political leaders are elected for the benefit of the nation and not to personally benefit from the country's resources.

Addressing delegates at the 6th Zanu PF National People’s Congress today, President Mugabe said those in government are given positions to upgrade the livelihood of the country's citizens.
He said once evidence has been fully gathered all who have flouted the country’s laws regardless of their political position and will be tried according to the provisions of Zimbabwe’s constitution.

He said whoever is fingered in corrupt activities whether they are a minister, deputy minister or a civil servant will lose their position.

Regarding Vice President Joice Mujuru, Cde Mugabe said she was appointed as a figure to represent the empowerment of women.

He said he was however disappointed to learn that she was working against the progress of the country by being corrupt and planning to assassinate him.

Vice President Joice Mujuru was nowhere to be seen near the Zanu-PF Congress which is now being firmly steered against her by members of the Mnangagwa faction.

It is widely believed that the threat to hammer "corrupt government officials" was indirectly referring to Vice President Mujuru who Herald and the Sunday Mail took turns to expose her alleged scandals and corruption activities.

"Those accused of corruption if there is evidence will be charged. With the knowledge we have if you were a minister or civil servant you are fired. Give us evidence.... they will go. We are happy you are not fools and cannot be bought. You are not blind. You kept quiet even when you knew but the First Lady removed the lid on these issues. All secrets came into the open. Their crimes will fill a lot of books if they are to be written," said Mugabe.

There are very high chances that Mujuru will continue to abscond the 6th Annual Congress in a bid to save herself from being viciously attacked by marauding youths as well as embarrassing herself by going where she is not wanted at all. Zanu-PF youths who are baying for Mujuru's blood have also vowed to block the once most powerful woman in the country from registering and attending congress.

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