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Security manning entrance gates at the Sixth Zanu (PF) National Congress barred smokers from taking with them their cigarette packs inside during body searches of delegates.

Scores of people had their cigarette packs confiscated by police in plain clothes as well as members of the armed forces.

No explanation was given for the move with the security details insisting that it was part of their job.

"Why should you be asking me the reason why I am doing my job. The explanation for this is simply that I a doing what I have been tasked to do," said a security detail who had been asked by one delegate as to the motive behind the move.

Hordes of cigarette packs could be seen at one of the entrances to the Congress venue. What irked delegates was that they suspected the security details would benefit from the seized cigarettes.

"It is quite obvious that these security officers are going to make money out of these cigarettes because where else are they going to take them. This is daylight robbery," said an irate delegate.

Inside the congress venue, vendors who had sneaked some cigarettes were selling them in a secretive manner. But Security is tight in and around the venue with scores of police, military,  intelligence officers and party youths maintaining order and keeping the peace.

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