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Whether Grace Mugabe's accusations of former Vice President Joice Mujuru working flat out to get President Mugabe dead were true or not, there are however, obvious bits and pieces of truth in some of the claims that President Mugabe and his wife raised over the past three months.

It all started when Joice Mujuru's family accused the Zanu PF government of having knowledge of what caused the late General Solomon Mujuru's death other than a natural inferno.

Joice Mujuru went out of Grace Mugabe's favour last year following her badly timed comments while commemorating the anniversary of General Mujuru's death, at the family farm in Beatrice.

Mujuru said Mugabe could soon be called by God, since he was approaching 90 years, and such a statement did not go down well with Grace Mugabe. Such a huge mistake was capitalised by Emmerson Mnangagwa and his supporters to gain Amai Mugabe's favour.

"We know that the president will soon be 90, and God might decide to call him. He has taught us a lot on how to lead the party. Zanu PF will never die because President Mugabe is no longer there; there are people who now can lead the party," she said at the time.

Such a statement made both President Mugabe and his wife to believe that Mujuru wanted Mugabe to die, so that she could take over as the new president. Even President Mugabe however, last week personally revealed that he knew very well that Mujuru wished him to die.

Mujuru and her acolytes, President Mugabe said, had set September this year as the month he was supposed to die.

"This man was to die in September and he refused to die in that September, and still refuses to die. 'Ah, it now needs sangomas'. They say to (Ray) Kaukonde, 'look for a sangoma'. The other sangoma said, 'look for tadpoles with different colours, one would be Mugabe the other one would be Mujuru and put them in water'. They would fight and if Mugabe's dies, then he goes. What I don't know is what if mine bites yours and it dies, what will you do? I think that's what happened," Mugabe told his supporters early this month.

Meanwhile, addressing party youths gathered at her orphanage in Mazowe to show their solidarity following her nomination to become the Women's League boss, Grace Mugabe said her nomination had presented her with an opportunity to show Zimbabweans that she was made of "sterner stuff". That is when everything went terribly bad.

"My time has come to show people what I am made of. I might have a small fist, but when it comes to fighting, I will put stones inside it to enlarge it, or even put on gloves to make it bigger. Do not doubt my capabilities. Pane vanhu varikuda kundizvuzvurudza mutara (There are people who want to drag me against a tarred road) when the President goes," she said.

In September this year, Emmerson Mnangagwa's bid to become the next president proved fruitful and close to reality after President Robert Mugabe was reported to have discussed the succession hand over, with Chinese leader Xi Jinping during his visit to Beijing mid this year, The Telescope News reported.

According to a presidential party delegate who travelled with Mugabe, the explosive Zanu PF succession issue was high on the agenda, when Mugabe met Jinping for a closed door evening meeting, a day after he arrived in China, which was not disclosed to both Zimbabwean and Chinese media.

Disclosures of the alleged secret meeting between the two leaders, is coming on the backcloth of reports that China has "demanded clarity" on the sensitive matter, and has stepped up financial and political support for their desired candidate, Mnangagwa, who received part of his military training in China during the 60s, as the Asian powerhouse angles to secure her wide economic interests in Harare through a trusted politician with close links to Beijing.

The Chinese would also have preferred to deal with Mnangagwa as compared to Mujuru since she has on several occasions been fingered in secret meetings and deals with the US government.

There is even speculation that Chinese leader Xi Jinping might make a state visit to Zimbabwe before the end of next year, which will be historic and a first of it's kind, also meant to endorse Mnangagwa as their preferred Mugabe's successor.

President Mugabe had every reason to believe that Joice Mujuru was working with United States and UK governments after she was pulled off the sanctions list. Unlike Mujuru, Mnangagwa has not been implicated in the damaging Wiki-Leaks cables leaks. Mujuru has been accused of meeting with American diplomats, in the shadows to allegedly court backing from Washington.

Mugabe has been angered by the revelations, and was said to have been convinced that Mujuru is a preferred candidate of the White House to replace him, and even grew suspicious when his deputy was removed from a targeted sanctions list by the European Union (EU) ahead of him. Mugabe and his wife still remain on the sanctions list to date.

In conclusion, while many ordinary Zimbabweans would have loved Joice Mujuru to succeed President Mugabe, however Grace and her husband would prefer Emmerson Mnangagwa. He (Mnangagwa) is fearless, can not be intimidated whatsoever, can be very tough where boldness is extremely required and at the same time has been very loyal to President Mugabe.

The reason why many Zimbabweans wanted Mai Mujuru to be the next president was that she would have easily thought of forming an inclusive government with Morgan Tsvangirai and bring back foreign investors from the US and the UK - for a price of course.

It's the norm that every year end President Mugabe goes on leave and heads to far east where he spends a month there. We do not need to report who, for the first time, is going to be in charge of the country as Acting President for the whole month starting from next week while the 90-year-old leader will be resting and enjoying his private life during his annual leave.

Mugabe normally takes a long break, right through the end of January in the new year, before resurfacing in February, for his trademark birthday speech and celebrations on the 21st when he turns 91.

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