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Expelled Vice President Joice Mujuru has denied that she is under house arrest.

Speaking from her residence in Chisipite, Harare, she said news wire reports that she had been placed under house arrest were "mere rumours".

"I was at the farm now, who is peddling those rumours?" she asked in a terse message yesterday.

Reports suggested that Mujuru, who was booted out of the presidium by President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday after being accused of attempting to remove her 90-year-old boss from power through unconstitutional means, had been placed under deadly surveillance.

She was  sacked together with eight Cabinet ministers.

They were also accused of being corrupt and fanning factionalism within Zanu PF.

Mujuru staunchly denied the accusations.

She has since been replaced by ex-Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, who took oath of office yesterday.   

Following her dismissal, she told  Studio 7: "You know some people say politics is a dirty game, this time in Zanu PF it has become dirtier. I have no capacity of doing those things. There is no way, and nobody has ever even suggested to me that these things that you are trying to do VP are wrong.

"It’s politicking; these are some of the things that were started towards congress. We were some of us, especially I, not given a chance to explain even to discuss some of these things,"she said.

It seems Mujuru has obeyed President Mugabe's advice of temporarily quitting politics and concentrate on farming.

Addressing the closing session of Zanu PF's congress on Saturday last week, Mugabe said his beleaguered deputy and her allies would not be short of things to do once ejected from the politburo and, almost certainly, the cabinet.

They could, he helpfully advices, always focus on farming, having all benefitted from his land reforms.

"They will have more time to do their farming, to grow maize and potatoes," said Mugabe while referring to Vice President Mujuru who hails from Dotito in Mt Darwin.

And, with a touch of magnanimity, the veteran leader said Mujuru and her group were welcome to remain in Zanu PF as ordinary card-carrying members, using their time away from the top table to introspect on their treachery.

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